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Adolph Cienfuegos (Randy)
Sir Jean-Phillipe Lafayette (John)
Orlesian Chevalier. Former sergeant in the 3rd Orlesian Cavalry. Disgraced family name, forced to fully fend for himself in the world.
Royale (Ryan)
A Qunari Tal-Vashoth who realized he has a taste for the finer things in life and abandoned the Qun to become a posh duelist in Orlais. You have never seen a more finely dressed Quanri.
Lockpick (Katy)
Dankhar Cleavehelm (Jason)
Dwarf Berserker who left Orzammar because of political upheaval and became a wandering a sellsword. Easygoing and friendly, loves his drink, and fights like a wild man.


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