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Cold:NPC/Ham Tohyon

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  • Died from poisoned mushroom soup
Dossier from Bertie
  • Sloppy
  • Had a gambling habit
  • Smuggles cheese
  • Sex offender many times over
  • Has a preference for odd docking locations
Found around the ship
  • Ham had a terrarium.
  • Ham had a collection of "nudie mags" and used them to demo his own fashion paper dolls. (Skillfully.)
  • He had a collection of Korean romance-drama tapes.
Mail received while docked at Escort Terminal
  • A delayed delivery notice for a crate of 100 bags of pork rinds.
  • A sealed copy of Odd Smuggler's Quarterly in a plain brown envelope labeled as "Overly Stupid Questions: your etiquette by mail course."
  • A wedding invitation from his younger sister, including a hand-written note (from said sister) indicating how disappointed his mother would be if he missed this one too and if he's found the right one yet.
  • A needle point kit that is clearly a gift, but it’s impossible to tell if it was for him or his gift to someone else