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Paine Station is a giant collection of parts that has been assembled into an independent space station.

  • Part of the station is the bottom third of Beacon Station.


  • The Strategic Nexus / Control Room - A heavily guarded room where the freedom fighters can control the station’s systems and monitor potential threats.
  • Korea Aerospace Research Institute for Ground Control out of Daedeok Science Town
  • The Food Factory / The Kitchen - A room where the fighters can cook and prepare food.
  • The Generator Room - A noisy place full of machinery that powers the station.
  • The Alcoholatorium / The Rec Room and gym - A place where the fighters can relax and enjoy themselves.
  • The Bazaar / Marketplace is where traders and merchants can exchange goods and services.
  • The Sin Slab / The Chapel - A place where the fighters can find solace and peace of mind.
  • The Stronghold / The Arena- A place where the fighters can test their skills in battle
  • The Chthonic Dynamo by Project Custodian / The Time Warp- A strange chamber that can manipulate time and space.