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From Drinking and Dragons

At the end of every session, you may choose one of the following

  • Switch the ranks of any two skills, or replace one Average (+1) skill with one that isn’t on your sheet.
  • Rewrite one stunt.
  • Purchase a new stunt by spending 1 refresh. (Remember, you can’t go below 1 refresh.)
  • Rewrite any one of your aspects, except your high concept.

At the end of every Coup Plan section, you may do all of the following

  • Rewrite your character’s high concept if you care to.
  • If you have any moderate or severe consequences not yet in recovery, you can begin the recovery process and rename them. Any that were already in recovery may now be cleared.
  • Increase the skill rating of one skill by one step—even from Mediocre (+0) to Average (+1) while maintaining a "skill column." For example, if you have three +2 skills, you must also have three or more +1 skills.

If the GM feels a major plot development has concluded and it’s time for the characters to “power up,” they may also offer one or both of the following:

  • Gain a point of refresh, which you can immediately spend to buy a new stunt if you like.
  • Increase a second skill rating by one step.

PC advancement log

  • +4 skill ranks
  • +2 refresh