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Character Hero Name: Cryonik

Name: Maxwell Garrett Frost

Nickname: Max G-Frost

Age: 20

Date of Birth: June 16th

Place of Birth: Carmel, Indiana - St. Vincent Hospital

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Part time Physics Research Associate/ Part time College Student/ Part time superhero

Appearance: 5’6” tall, 160lbs, Caucasian male with sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is slender but muscularly sturdy.

Background: Mutant. He obtained his powers at age 17; shortly after puberty. He has the power to create, and manipulate ice from the moisture in the air.

Distinguishing Physical marks: He has a scar on back of left hand from childhood accident. He has a birthmark on outside of right heel in the shape of a clover.

Medical Background: had a childhood fall off a cliff when he was 10 years old which broke his left arm and left scar on the back of his left hand. He is also mildly allergic to mold. When in contact with a moldy environment he has sinus and respiratory irritation/inflammation.

Family Background: Family is upper middle class living in the outskirts of Freedom City. He has a Mother (Cynthia Renee Frost), Father (Charles Edward Frost), two Brothers (Griffin David Frost) and (Cooper Daniel Frost). Gets along with younger brother Cooper, but is competitive with his older brother Griffin. He is very close to his mother and loves her very much. Is very respectful and appreciative of his father who has taught him everything he knows in the way of morals and ethics. When his grandfather (Dr. Otto Von Fraust) came to America his last name was “Americanized” to become Frost. He had a doctorates in Quantum Mechanics, and Quantum Physics (states of matter at the atomic level).

Children: None

Pets: Portuguese Waterdog (Alice Force) – (Family pet in family residence)

Education: High school Graduate, 3 years of college so far (Physics Major)

Employment: Employed part time by Professor Kenneth Lansing PHD at Rutgers University Physics Lab and gets paid around $25,000.00 annual salary.

Police Record: Has one childhood shoplifting charge which took place when he was nine years old (he attempted to steal a candy bar when he was a kid from a convenience store) record was expunged when he turned 18. Also has a few speeding tickets on his driving record from the age of 16 to current age of 20.

Economics: Earns about $25,000.00 per year ($12.00/Hour) as a part time research assistant. Gets some financial assistance from educational loans/grants and also gets some money from his parents occasionally.

Possessions: 25” color T.V., IBM Clone computer, 1974 Black Fiat 128 4-door automobile, Sony Walkman TPS-L2 cassette player, Atari 2600 Videogame System, GE “Boom box” stereo.

Romantic History: At age 12 had a “puppy love” with school mate named Rebecca Morris which lasted 3 years until she had to move away with her family to Oregon. Current girlfriend is an Asian college student at Rutgers University named Koyuki Wei Jia. Max and Ko are in a pretty serious relationship and have been for about 4 years.

Current Love Interest: Koyuki Wei Jai aka “Ko”. Koyuki “Ko” is a 19 year old Asian girl who is 5’4 ½” and weighs 116 pounds. Her birthday is December 20th. Her measurements are 32B-23-33. She is slender and petite and likes to sing and dance. Her mother is Japanese and her father is Singaporean. Her first name Koyuki means “little snow” and is of Japanese origin. Her middle name Wei is of Chinese origin and means “Valuable – Brilliant”. Her last name Jia is also of Chinese origin and means “Outstanding person, good”. Her astrology sign is Capricorn.

Geography (Residence): Dorm Room 624 at Rutgers University Dormitory where he lives most of the time. His family home is a split-level home that is 7,000 sq feet in size located at 1935 Ontario Ave. Freedom City, NJ 08401.

Geography (Location): Freedom City, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Inherent Abilities: Logical Thinking and Reasoning, Good with Trajectories, Mildly athletic, Charismatic personality

Religion: Max’s parents are Jewish. His mother is more religious than his father. She forced her children to go to Politz Day School in Cherry Hill New Jersey when he was growing up. At current Max thinks of himself as undecided. He believes there is a cosmic entity (God perhaps) but the rest is still kind of a mystery to him.

Spirituality: Max has read some books on wicca and is intrigued by the subject. He does not go to synagogue anymore (unless he is with his family when they go). However he does believe that the “spiritual ecosystem” is fair and just. Everyone is connected to one another by their spiritual energies. Also because of his girlfriend he does believe in the concept of “soul mates”.

Identity: He is currently a bit confused about his identity. Before the advent of his control over ice he thought he knew who he was. He was a decent young man who cherished family and friends and had a mild admiration for physics. Now he doesn’t know if he is Max Frost or if he is Cryonik. Where does one start and the other end? He doesn’t want to tell anyone his secret to protect them from being a target for his would be enemies. He hates keeping this secret from his family and his girlfriend (as a matter of fact he feels guilty as if he is lying to them) the most, but he doesn’t want to put them in harm’s way.

Beliefs: Be good to others. Help those in need whenever possible. Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Family and Friends come before everything else in life.

Ethics: His upbringing has instilled in him a good moral foundation modeled after his parents’ morals. He is an upstanding member of the community. Use only the amount of force necessary against those who would do you harm to stop them. Never kill your enemy unless there is no other logical choice.

Sex: His first time was when he was 16 and a half right after his girlfriend “Ko” turned 16. She is the only person he has ever had intimate relations with.

Motivation: His main motivation is to protect those whom he cares for and make sure no harm comes to them.

Biggest Fear: His biggest fear is not being strong enough to protect those whom he holds most dear. A close second biggest fear is him being the cause of an unnecessary death since death is so finite.

Friendships: Best friend since childhood is Chance Robert Powers. He is good friends with his roommate Jacob Calvin Taylor. He also has the following good friends: Alfred Phillip Burton, Kelly Sue Thomas, Alicia Lu Feng, Ichiro Lei Kurosaki, Ethan Noah Tyler, Gabrielle Ann Logan, Caleb Paul Michaels, Zachary Aiden Kovacs, Alex Ian Xavier, Stephen Henry Blake, Jennifer Denise Wilson, and Aaliyah Madison Ingram.

Favorite TV Show: Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek, Greatest American Hero, Shazam

Favorite Music: Thomas Dolby, Eurythmics, Peter Gabriel, Sade, Janet Jackson, Huey Lewis & the News, A-Ha, Men At Work

Favorite Foods: Whitecastle Sliders and fries.

Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, and Black.

Conversational Focus: Science Fiction, RPG Gaming like Dungeons & Dragons, Star Frontiers, Gamma World, and Marvel Super Heroes, Anime, Physics, Music, Movies

Self-Awareness: He is aware he is only one tiny piece in the grand cosmic scheme of things.

Values: Family, Friends, Honor, and Country

Allocation of Time: He had a hard time juggling his life before with Work, School, Friends, Family, Girlfriend, and hobbies, but now with the addition of his powers and his feeling that he is responsible for using these powers to help justice prevail his troubles with time allocation are even greater and he finds himself constantly missing appointments, and dates or being late for classes or work. He just cannot seem to turn his back on using his abilities to prevent crime and protect the innocent.

Artistic Impulse: He can draw and he can play the drums due to childhood lessons his mom made him attend.

Heroes: Stan Lee, Iceman from the X-Men, Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards from Fantastic Four, Iron Man aka Tony Stark, Batman, Bruce Banner, Max and Griffin Harp of Harp Force, the Gadgeteer Chance Williams, and Leonardo Da Vinci

Politics and Ideology: He is a conservative. He believes in working hard and keeping what you earn. He also believes in Liberty and Freedom. Democracy for the people by the people is what he stands for.

Relationship to Authority: He respects the need for laws and those positions of authority that prevent the spread of chaos and anarchy. However he also does not believe that all those in positions of authority are above corruption.

Vices: Love of his lady, and fast food

Relationship to Food: He likes fast food when he can get it, but he does not have an overwhelming sweet tooth or a compulsive need to eat when he is not hungry. He is not overweight. He eats most meals in the university cafeteria during the week and either eats fast food; goes to a nice restaurant with “Ko” or eats with the family at home on weekends.

Quirks: Horrible liar (uses “um” and “well” a lot when trying to come up with an excuse. And almost always ends a lie with “yeah that’s it!”)

Hobbies: Music, Video Games (Atari), Tabletop RPGs like DnD, The Study of Physics, Reading Fiction (mostly science fiction and comics), Playing Billiards, Playing La Crosse, Drawing

Charity: If he is presented with an opportunity to give to charity and it will not put him in trouble with his creditors he will try to give as much as he can however he does not search out charities to give to or volunteer time to support those charities.

The Mutant Within is Awakened

Max was living in the dorms at Rutger’s University with his roommate Jacob Taylor during his first year in college. Jacob was a more social creature than Max was. One Friday night Jacob decided to throw an impromptu party in their dorm room. Lots of other university students showed up, and they danced, carried on, and drank many libations. Meanwhile in his small corner of the domicile Max was studying his physics books sitting on the only object left to him; the window sill. Well since he was enshrouded in the pages of his scientific manual he was oblivious to the party goers that were nearby. One of them in a drunken stupor stumbled back and landed on Max. Max however only had the open air at his back to support his weight which ended up not being enough to stop him from falling out of the third floor window. Max went instantly from a theoretical dissertation of Newton’s law of gravity within the pages of his text book to a practical example of this law as the Earth’s gravitational pull exerted its power upon him. Everything went into slow motion as his eyes took in the sight of the ground rushing up to meet him. His adrenal gland went into overdrive as he started to mentally prepare for the pain that was to befall him. He felt the air around him begin to chill. Then the unexpected happened. He did not hit the ground. Instead he seemed to slide down a structure of smooth ice which had formed beneath him. His muscles were tight expecting the crash that did not happen. Then he started to relax a bit realizing that the fall that was going to kill him would harm him no further. His muscles relaxed. No permanent trauma other than bewilderment was sustained. He was not sure what had just happened, but somehow knew it had something to do with quantum physics. This was one subject that he was well versed in.

Over the next several months he would perform controlled experiments to see if he could find the cause of the anomaly which saved his life. It did not take him long to find he had some genetic mutation that allowed him to have elemental control over ice. Then after that he would continue with the experiments this time; not to find answers, but to find control… control over his new abilities.

When he was ready he decided to use these gifts for the benefit of man and so became a super hero and named himself something befitting of the powers he had obtained…

His masked identity became known as “Cryonik”.

Catchphrase: “Freeze Citizen!” and “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Battlecry: “It’s time to Chill out!”