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Proposed D.O.P.E.S Cinematic Universe Timeline

William T. Joykill – The First Invasion – December 1941 (An Agent JOYKILL Movie)

This movie tells the story of Agent JOYKILL’s grandfather who enlisted before World War 2 for the United States. Just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, another force had been biding its time, waiting for humanity to be divided. The ‘Globtrons’ waited in space, seeing the chaos about to erupt, take the opportunity to see what a human solider is capable of, and get far more than they bargained for!

Played Shotguns and Strings – Big B. Wulf – January 14, 1973


This movie introduces us to Big B. Wulf, before he became the world’s greatest (werewolf) detective! Set in 1973 during the Oil Crisis, this movie follows Big B on a fateful night on Detroit’s mean streets and the conflict between his duty and his dream, the detective shield. This movie introduces us as well to the people important in Big B’s personal life, his best friend on the streets and Biggest Bad Ass Around, Mackie, Detroit’s up and coming street reporter, Mindy Rodgers, his future friend and D.O.P.E.S ally, Victor Liebowitz, and his werewolf foil, Wolf Alpha!

Critics Say: A 5 out of 5 Stars. Drama at every turn, a nice street level view for the D.O.P.E.S franchise that really humanized many of these characters. Fantastic!

Story Punk Rock Ninja – Vic Savage – October, 1975

Punk rock ninja.png

Alternate title: Punk Rock Ninja: The Big Break of Bones and Teeth

After his run in with the supernatural in Shotguns and Strings Vic discovers the element he was missing in his music and finally hits it big! His Punk Rock music about crazy martial arts and werecreatures drive women around the world crazy and Vic makes his big move to L.A. but not everything is Sunny in the Land of Dreams! It turns out, it’s not just the politicians who have Lizard faces! Introduces the second of three alien factions, the ‘Tyranitrons’ and their unique style of warfare, infiltration and subterfuge.

Played John Starr: From Boy to Starfighter – John Starr – December 2, 1981

John Starr.jpg

It’s been forty years since a man named William T. Joykill saved the earth from what would have been an ILLEGAL invasion by the Globtrons. A group of aliens, the G.R.O.U.P (Government Readiness and Operations Universal Protectorate), exist in contrast to their enemies, the Globtrons and the Tyranitrons and a mutual agreement has been in place that the 3 groups would not interfere with species who either could not defend themselves or had not developed the ability to travel outside of their solar system. Due to intergalactic legal mumbo jumbo, and despite the Globtrons initial invasion being illegal, the destruction of their ship by William T. Joykill was enough to declare earth able to ‘defend’ themselves and made them a target. However, the G.R.O.U.P got 40 years to figure out a way to get the Earth ready for the invasion, their solution? Find a way to test humans who could serve in the G.R.O.U.P and act in Earth’s defense. There was only one success and his name… was John Starr.

Played D.O.P.E.S: The Iron Curtain from Space – June, 1984


John Starr fought and saved the Earth for two years before coming back home, secure that Earth would not be invaded by either the Globtrons or the Tyranitrons, but in a large battle between the two factions, with one sided having decisive victory at hand, one last attempt at salvation is made and an important piece of technology is jettisoned towards Earth, a piece of technology powerful enough to radically change the balance of power between the U.S.S.R and the USA. Introducing Dr. Dare into the Cinematic Universe, this movie takes our lovable cast of characters who had been promoted into obscurity by the United States (in an attempt to keep their freakish adventures under wrap and not create mass panic amongst its citizens) and puts them in a race against the clock against their communist adversaries to ensure that this power doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Critics Say: A 5 out of 5 Stars. A well thought out romp that combines everything we love about this universe into one 3 session jaunt. Aliens? Superpowers? MATHEMAGICS? CHECK! A guaranteed great time for the whole family!

Played Dr. Dare: Solving History – November, 1984


No longer at risk at being imprisoned for his love of alien knowledge and his mathemagical abilities, Dr. Dare sets out on a journey to discover the root of the problems facing the world in the aftermath of the Iron Curtain from Space. (Obviously it’s not my job to know what happens in this movie lol)

Played D.O.P.E.S. M.O.V.I.E. — 1985


Finale of Phase 1.


Vic Savage 2: Don’t call it a comeback – January, 1985

The Tyranitrons were dealt a great blow in the Battle of Gamma – Epsilon 353, and it was their reactor that caused the D.O.P.E.S mess, but they weren’t defeated for good! In fact, after a power play inside the KGB they’re not the politicians, but their assassins! Their next target? PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN. There’s only one punk rock ninja up for this job, and he is Savage.

John Starr and Agent JOYKILL: Home is Where the War Is – March, 1985

A failed attempt on President Reagan’s life just two months earlier forces John Starr, and his solider ally, Agent JOYKILL, back into the G.R.O.U.P’s plans as they set out once and for all to help the United States build the Star Wars system necessary to deter all future alien threats, but is this the protection the Earth needs or is the G.R.O.U.P not as benevolent as they seem?

Dr. Dare 2: Plot synopsis after Dr. Dare 1

Big B Wulf 2: Breaking Down the Pack – October, 1985

12 years have passed since Big B was infected by the werewolf virus by his East German counterpart, Gerhardt Schrodendinger. Rumors are that Gerhardt has been amassing a large force of infected behind the iron curtain in an attempt to remake East Germany in his image. Only his brother in blood has the ability to stop him before he throws all of Europe into untold chaos. Gerhardt said he would be the hunter, but Big B is out to prove he is the real alpha of the pack.

D.O.P.E.S 3: The Danger of Thoughts - January 1986

Everyone over the past year has made incredible personal discoveries all tied to one unifying force. The teachings of a heretofore unknown philosopher combining the unique traits of both Globtron and Tyranitron societies with a unique Marxist twist! His work has spread everywhere on Earth and seemingly beyond and had laid the foundation for a new global movement. Only the DOPES combined can fend off the threat that has been brewing for the past year!