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DS:Derelict Mindflayer Ship

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Starring: David, Yang, Dr. Hojo Locutus
Guest Starring: What NPCs were involved?

They made their way through the vertical maze and found in the last room that it was actually a ship that crashed on it's side. The last room had this thing in the middle that had a little bit of some weird substance residue in it. They collected it but then the big worm started to bust through the wall into the room at them. This caused the ship to to shift (basically turned the maze on its side) and they had to climb out that way with the water starting to pour in. They made it out and then the ship sank completely into the swamp. They did save 2 of the monsters they fought in the maze, small dog sized tadpoles with 4 tentacles. (treasure 200 gp each)

After returning to the ship, the doctor determined that the leaches, dog sized tad poles and the worms actually all had the same DNA as mindflayers. This right after the tadpoles escaped their room and sucked 8 points of int from Lonnie (temporary though). Even after this Lonnie and Luke wanted to keep them, Lon and Tina wanted to kill them. After a long debate, it was decided that they stay and a deal was made with them that they would be feed animals and any intruders on the ship.

They then met a traveling salesgnome who sold them a star caster in exchange for the worm hole scanning technology. They also found some old bones of a dragon on a desert planet.

Then they found a derelict mindflayer ship. They boarded it and found a mindflayer body that had it's brain removed. They found a robot in engineering and tried to take the power source but after 4 minutes, another mind flayer ship appeared and the ship they were on blew up (they got out safely though). (It was a timed encounter which they only had so long to complete.) So they missed some story plot.

Loot gained this session