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DS:Hunting Rats and Slaying Metal Elementals

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Starring: Nardu Miri-miri, David, Yang, Fanessa, and Dr. Hojo Locutus
Guest Starring: Finn (Warmage), Shar (Rogue), and Bob (Mechanic)

Loot from previous game

+816 credits (Not Nardu)

About the Space Station

The space station is a massive and ancient space station that was built into the side of an asteroid. It is home to those who oppose the new Red Dragon Emperor of the known worlds. Krenen (spelling?) dignitaries from 12 of the 13 nations have representatives aboard, as well as the Dark Side Resistance (a group who opposes the Mindflayer's Dominion). The Red Rogues are a group of rebels who actively resist the Empire and they also call the starbase home.

The constable of the station is a human by the name of Aaron. He fancies himself a self-styled sheriff though his demeanor shows him to be a fair man.

Exploring the station

David, Yang, Fanessa, and Dr. Hojo Locutus, as well as Finn, Shar, and Bob dock their Red Rogue ship to the station and begin exploring the shops along the Promenade.

Having been on the station a few days, Nardu was still seeking out individuals who may know about the uniform of the man in his picture—the man who is likely his father. Nardu was directed to a guard station where he made inquiries. Yang—a remarkably intelligent human—told Nardu that the uniform was that of a Black Dragon Imperial, and a high-ranking one at that.

Nardu joins the group

Yang begins showing Nardu around the station, and along the way a rat hunt presents itself. Yang gathers up his friends and the group heads to Café Diem where a rat infestion has occured in the holding cells under it.

Exploring the holding cell, a horde of dire rats comes out of the walls and attacks followed shortly after by swarms of rats. The bodies were irradiated and needed to be destroyed.

The owner of the café rewarded everyone with 25 credits (see Loot, below).

Lynness is playing at the Opera House

An excellent entertainer by the name of Lynness is playing at the opera house. Everyone attends, save Yang who is working a security detail.

Finding the source of a power leak

Given mission to investigate a power leak on the station. We explore a dungeon and encounter two robots. Eventually we find a secret area that held a pair of combatants frozen in time but the generator blows up and they come to life. And then pass out.

Loot gained this session

  • +25 credits each
  • Two metal elemental carcasses (robots)