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DS:Talking Jibberish

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Starring: David, Yang, and Dr. Hojo Locutus
Guest Starring: What NPCs were involved?

Before leaving the planet, the party lost the ability to communicate in any way to each other (each was talking jibberish, also writing and any other form of communication.) To prevent the ship from having this issue, they quarinteened themself on the planet. Unfortunately this didn't help as there was a magical virus in the ancient writings so however read it got infected. Since they sent the video to the ship, the ship was then infected. After a couple days, they were able to cure the crew with normal remove disease.

Next they went to the planet where the red rogues helped liberate an RMC mining colony. But they missed there normal check in. When they got there the colony was in ruins, most of it destroyed or burnt to the ground. After exploring they met a survivor who didn't actually see what happened. It turns after that the survivor was actually a drow in disguise. It was Nakeem. (Nakeem was the ISPD agent that turned against the RMC in the first Dragonstar and helped the Red Rogues.) He just told them that he wanted to open communication between him and the PC's. He then told them that there was a ship that crashed on the darkside of the moon during the raid of the planet and that the RMC was testing their new weapon.

Investigating the ship, they got attacked by something that had it's armor grafted onto it. It took many rounds for the 3 of them to kill 1. After investigating the ship, they got attacked by a group of 2. Again they were very difficult to fight and had psionic powers. Empire doesn't have psionics, so the PC's wondered what these things were. Turns out they were elens (like Lon's character). Elens are created from humans, humans go through some process and are reborn.

They got the ship working enough to teleport back to the station, but when they attemped the jump, the nav-com (navigation computer) shorted and blew up and they ended up lost somewhere without the ability to jump.

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