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Disposable:Musketeers of the Sinking City

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Musketeers of the Sinking City

  • ILIRIO, a Queen's Musketeer, the planner (Rob)
  • LUCREZIA, a Queen's Musketeer, the duelist (Kristi)
  • BELLAMY, a Queen's Musketeer, the former priest (John)
  • PIETRA, a hot-headed commoner who longs to be a Musketeer herself (Jessica)
  • LADY SOFIA, a trusted intimate of the Queen (Diana)
  • OTHO, a beleaguered manservant (Randy)

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Dramatis Personae: Powers of the City

The King of Eversink: older and warlike, currently returning from a war abroad

Saint Lorenzo, the Saint of Alderhall: a most powerful and untouchable villain

The Saint’s Men: your rivals, church-sponsored ruffians and mercenaries

Captain Guyard: an associate of the Saint. Badly scarred from Lucrezia’s blade when he was drummed out of the Musketeers for disloyalty

Sister Calliope: a wicked associate of the Saint, and his right hand within the

Church A nameless messenger: who yet has a role to play

The Queen of Eversink: a foreign queen from Capria, young and kind, but a pawn of the Church Lady Sofia (Diana), a trusted intimate of the Queen who comes with news

The Queen’s Musketeers: loyal to the queen first and to themselves second Ilirio (Rob), the Planner

Lucrezia (Kristi), the Duelist

Bellamy (John), the former Priest Their Associates

Otho (Randy), a beleaguered manservant

Pietra (Jess), who longs to be a Musketeer herself