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Quianna Taylor Refresh 3


Heroic Concept: '"Mage Princess Enigma" of Conundrum
Mundane Life: Tyrannical Lead Barista
Hook: Tyrone Still Needs Me

Aspect: Attic Full of Highschool Competition Artworks
Aspect: Easy To Talk To


  • +4 Will
  • +3 Empathy, Rapport
  • +2 Contacts, Notice, Shoot
  • +1 Crafts, Athletics, Deceive, Stealth

Stunts and Extras

Bewitching Gaze
When I would take a Physical or Mental consequence from an attack, I may turn my bewitching gaze towards the attacker and give them the aspect Immobile or Paralyzed. As long as I continue to spend my actions focusing on them, they will continue to be held. Once I stop concentrating the aspect goes away.
*Maniacal Laughter* Ma'am...I am the Manager!
Since I'm an Overwhelmed Lead Barista, I'm used to dealing with difficult situation (aka, bullshit complaints) and managing expectations. I have a +2 to Rapport or Empathy rolls to Overcome when dealing with difficult people (which, let's be real, is basically everyone).
Arcane Ward
Once per session when me or an ally in my zone would take Physical Stress from an attack, the target gains a +2 to their Defend against this attack. This also grants the target the aspect "Warded from Harm" until the end of the scene.


Enigmatic Form
Because I am "Mage Princess Enigma" from Conundrum, I poses the ability to shift and change my appearance in such a way that others have a hard time recalling me when trying to describe something I may have done. Each session I have the Enigmatic Form aspect with one free invoke, which I may only use when making a Deceive or Stealth roll to Overcome. This aspect cannot be invoked against creatures who have spent more than 1 hour with me.
Helicopter Sister
Because Tyrone Still Needs Me (obviously, he's just a child), I gain a +2 on rolls to Create Advantage when it would benefit Tyrone.
An Eye for Detail
Due to my Attic Full of Highschool Competition Artworks I have a keen eye for detail and a e s t h e t i c. I gain a +2 to Overcome obstacles that involve Notice and a further +1 bonus if the obstacle involves artwork (ex. a secret message in a painting or a hidden lever on a sculpture).
Getting to Know You
Because I'm Easy To Talk To, once per session when I meet an NPC, I can choose to learn one of their aspects (GM's choice) and get a free invoke on it.

Stress and Consequences

Physical 1 2 3
Mental 1 2 3
Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty
Extreme 8 empty, may only be used between major milestones and REPLACES one of your current aspects.