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Mike, would you like to plan for a July Disposable Gameday?

I would like to run a Lich-hunting party. Most of the players would be the adventuring group but one or two would be the lich and his minions. I know the perfect player for the lich! --Wizardoest 02:27, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

The Hunting of the Crimson Lord, Archwizard and lich of the Dark Lands.

Request to move page

I would like to move the page to Disposable Gamedays. Any thoughts, for or against? --Randy (Talk) 05:36, 13 December 2008 (UTC)

If there is no one opposed in the next few days, this page will be migrating. --Randy (Talk) 17:02, 20 December 2008 (UTC)
Do it.--Robhim 19:09, 20 December 2008 (UTC)