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Poyoicon.gif El Poyo: A chicken.


Cocky ex-luchador
A former king of the ring and a beloved face.
Sample Invoke: Whenever El Poyo is trying to wrestle, grapple, or put on a show.
Sample Compel: Will interact abrasively with an inflated ego.
"I could have been a contender"
After not agreeing to fix a match, he flew The Coup even though he knew it would cause trouble for him. He lost due to his opponent cheating.
Sample Invoke: Bonuses when in competition with others.
Sample Compel: Will blindly accept challenges.
Protect the roost
El Poyo protects those weaker than him, and there are a whole lot of people fitting that description.
Sample Invoke: When he is trying to protect others.
Sample Compel: Will jump to the aid of anyone in need, despite the risk.
Convenient escape
Guest-starring File:Corabellaicon.gif Corabella
When the going gets tough, you fight. When it gets too tough, you get out of dodge!
Sample Invoke: Can find escape route where others may not find them.
Sample Compel: Will take the easiest way out, despite the danger. (Jumping off the cliff seemed like a good idea at the time!)
Threatening Theatrics
Sample Invoke: Bonus to something that looks cool...
Sample Compel: Stay in danger...


  • +4 Physique
  • +3 Athletics, Fight
  • +2 Provoke, Empathy, Notice
  • +1 Will, Stealth, Rapport, Contacts, Deceive


Cannonball Special (Physique)
+2 to overcome actions with Athletics if you are in a chase across rooftops or a similarly precarious environment.
Custom according to "Adding a New Action to a Skill"
Climb the Top Rope (Athletics)
+2 to overcome actions with Athletics involving climbing ropes, poles and so on.
Custom according to "Adding a Bonus to an Action"
Fortified Feathers (Physique)
Armor:1 on any defense roll against physical damage, no matter the type. This reduces the shifts of damage by 1. Note, this does not help to win rolls.
Based off Extra: Super-Resilience

Fate, Refresh, Stress and Consequences

  • Fate Points: 3
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stress
    • Physical Stress (Physique):
    • Mental Stress (Will):
  • Consequences
    • Mild (2): __________
    • Moderate (4): __________
    • Severe (6): __________
    • Extreme (8): __________



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