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Marlene Burwright

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Daughter of Malcolm Burwright. Estranged from her father because she found him too distant and unable to connect with other people, being focused too much on his business. She is the head representative of the Mage's Guild at Sandastea.

Episode 3

  • Denied the party access to the Mage's Guild since none were traditional mages and would not speak to the party otherwise.
    • Agreed (somewhat reluctantly) to give forgiveness to Malcolm if it can be shown he has friends that could follow-through.
    • Put GideonIcon.gif Gideon in chrysalis as before.
  • Met with the party after BrooksIcon.gif Brooks successfully finished school at the SEED (Sandestea Entry Eldritch Degree) Program.
    • Said she would give a letter to her father seeing to (slowly) reconcile and see how he changed.
      • Did not restore GideonIcon.gif Gideon as before.