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Rosadwnn Flewellan


I can speak to the 'souls' of machines.

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Bard 3
Gnome Female
Abilities Str 8 -1 | Dex 16 3 | Con 10 0 | Int 12 1 | Wis 10 0 | Cha 18 4
Initiative: 6 (Dex + Level)

Confounding (Racial Power)
Once per battle, when you roll a natural 16+ with an attack, you can also daze the target until the end of your next turn.
Minor Illusions (Racial Power)
As a standard action, at-will, you can create a strong smell or a sound nearby. Nearby creatures that fail a normal save notice the smell or sound. Creatures that make the save may notice it but recognize it as not exactly real.


HP: 35 ([7+Con]*5) Staggered: 17
Recoveries: 8 (3d8[13]+Con[0]), 13 average

AC: 15 (12 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis [0/2/0] + Level)
Physical Defense: 13 (10 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex [-1/0/2] + Level)
Mental Defense: 15 (11 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha [1/0/4] + Level)
Disengage: +0

Basic Attacks

Flexible Melee Attack
Target: One enemy
Attack: +6 vs. AC
Hit: 3d6 + 3
Miss: 3
Flexible Melee Attack
Target: One enemy
Attack: +6 vs. AC
Hit: 3d4 + 3
Miss: 3
Ranged Attack
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: +6 vs. AC
Hit: 3d4 + 3
Ranged Attack
Light Crossbow
Target: One far away enemy
Attack: +6 vs. AC
Hit: 3d6 + 3

Class Features

Bardic Songs

Bardic songs last for one or more rounds and end with a final verse that carries a big payoff. Although magical, bardic songs don’t count as spells; they don’t force the bard to suffer opportunity attacks from engaged enemies, and they can’t be canceled by effects that can cancel spells. In fact, bards can cast spells while in the middle of singing a bardic song.

Each song specifies what type of action starts it. To sustain it during the next round, it requires an action and a d20 check against its sustain target. If successful, the song can continue with its sustained effect for that round. (The next round will require another sustain check.) If your attempt to sustain a song fails, the song’s final verse effect resolves immediately, and then the song’s power ends. You can start another song on your next round.

You don’t have to try to sustain the song at the start of your turn. If you choose not to sustain a song, its effects end immediately and you choose whether to use the song’s final verse effect in the current round or to start a new song. You can’t do both.

Some songs have an immediate effect that happens each time you start or sustain the song. Others have effects that continue throughout the entire round.

Most songs stop when a bard is knocked unconscious, silenced, or stunned. Having your song stopped this way prevents you from getting the final verse effect.

You can only sing one bardic song at a time. If you are singing a song (or spend an action to try to sustain a song), you can’t start another song that round.

Bardic songs are loud, and cancel any of stealth effects you may have.

Battle Cries

Bards use battle cries to encourage, inspire, warn, and magically aid their allies. Battle cries are triggered by flexible melee attacks. The bard makes a melee attack and is able to use a battle cry that corresponds to the attack’s natural result, sometimes whether or not the attack hits.

Bonuses provided by battle cries can help a bard’s allies but not the bard.


Bards use arcane spells that function like those of other spell-casting classes. Some spells are daily, some recharge, and others are at-will.

Unlike most character classes, bards use two different ability scores for their attacks. Their melee and ranged weapon attacks use Strength or Dexterity, while their spells use Charisma.


Jack of Spells (Wizard)

Choose another spell-casting character class. You can choose one spell from the spell list (but not the talent list) of that class, of your own level or lower, as an extra spell you know how to cast. You can even take its feats up to your tier, if it has any. You may only choose from the spell list—not from talents.

This spell is a bonus spell, not included in your bard class count.

Loremaster (B,C)

  • Take two additional points of backgrounds; you can use these additional points to raise a background that has something to do with religion, mythology, or history up to the usually impossible rating of +6.
  • Take a single point of relationship with an icon. Add the point to a relationship you already have up to your normal maximum, or start a new one—positive, conflicted, or negative.


You cannot take this talent if you have taken the Battle Skald talent.

You can choose an extra bardic song or bard spell at the highest level you know.


Ritual Casting (General): Adventurer

You can cast any spells you know as rituals.

Jack of Spells (Talent): Adventurer

You can use your Charisma as the ability score that provides spell’s attack bonus and damage bonus (if any). Other ability score references remain unchanged.

If the spell is a wizard spell, you also gain three cantrips of your choice from the wizard. You can cast them like a wizard who lacks the Cantrip Mastery talent.

If you choose a spell from the sorcerer class, you also gain the sorcerer’s dancing lights class feature.

Vicious Mockery (Spell): Adventurer

On a hit, the effect that damages the target when it misses is now save ends.

Battle Cries

Any hit

Flexible Melee Attack
Trigger: Any hit
Effect: Choose a nearby ally. That ally can either roll a save against a save ends effect or roll a normal save against a condition that has a duration that lasts until the end or beginning of a turn.

Natural 11+

Flexible Melee Attack
Trigger: Any natural roll of 11+
Effect: One nearby ally can heal using a recovery.
Special: Use only twice per battle

Is Even

Flexible Melee Attack
Trigger: Natural even roll
Effect: Choose either; [1] One of your unengaged allies can move as a free action; OR [2] One of your engaged allies can make a disengage check as a free action.



Battle Chant
Ranged Spell
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: + 7 vs. MD
Hit: 1d4 + 4 thunder damage
Special: When you use battle chant, you can choose any battle cry effect you know as if you were making a basic melee attack, with the battle chant attack roll taking the place of the basic melee attack roll.


Effect: The cantrip creates a minor watch-sprite that can be instructed to scream if someone comes through an area or touches an object. Watch-sprites are notoriously stupid and sleepy, but with the right talking-to they might stay focused for the duration of the spell.
Effect: This cantrip summons a magical servitor three to four times as big as your closed fist that swarms around the door and attempts to punch or push it open (depending on whether you want to be quiet or announce your presence). Success is determined with an Intelligence check against the environment’s DC using an appropriate magical background. This cantrip does nothing to avoid any traps that might exist.
Effect: This cantrip summons a variety of tiny (hand-sized and smaller) magical sprites who swarm over a chosen broken object attempting to mend it (over the course of 1–6 rounds). Small-scale repairs like torn wineskins, muddy clothing, a broken handgrip on a sword, and similar repairs that anyone could fix with two to four hours of devoted work gets handled in seconds.


Vicious Mockery
Ranged Spell
Recharge: 11+
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: + 7 vs. MD
Hit: 6d6 + 4 psychic damage
Miss: 3 psychic damage
Special: If hit, until the target makes a save, when the target misses with one of its attacks, it takes half the damage its attack would have dealt.


Charm Person
Ranged Spell
Target: One nearby creature with 64 HP or fewer
Attack: + 7 vs. MD
Hit: The target believes you are their friend until you or your allies take hostile action against them. (Attacking their normal allies is okay.) If you or your allies attack the target or order the target to attack its normal allies, the target can roll a normal save to break the charm effect during its turn each round.
Miss: On a miss, the spell is not detectable by most others unless you miss by 4+ or roll a natural 1, in which case the target and its allies knows what you tried to do and will usually be angry about it.
Song of Thunder
Bardic Song
Target: 1d4+1 nearby enemies
Attack: + 7 vs. PD
Hit: 5d6 + 4 thunder damage
Miss: Normal: — / Final Verse: Half damage
Special: Sustain 11+; Standard Action
Utility Spell
Effect: See below for choice of effects

Utility Choices

Disguise Self
Effect: This spell provides you with an effective magical disguise that lasts about one hour, making the skill check to avoid unmasking one step easier: easy if it would have been a normal task, normal if it would have been a hard task, and hard if it would have been a ridiculously hard task. The spell only affects your general appearance, not your size. It can be used to hide your features behind the generic features of another person or race. Using it to impersonate a specific creature makes it less effective as a disguise (-2 to -5 penalty).
Target: Self
Feather Fall
Free Action
Effect: When you cast this spell, it arrests your fall, letting you glide down the ground over a round or two.
Target: Self or nearby ally
Arcane Eye
Ranged Spell
Effect: You create a glowing eyeball one inch in diameter made of raw arcane energy that can float up to a typical far-away distance from you in any direction (but no more than a city block’s distance or so). It works like a normal human eyeball and is dependent upon light to process images. Anything the eye can see, you can also. It moves at average walking speed for your species on your mental command—you can command it to stop, slow down, change direction, or return to you as desired. The eye persists for 1 minute per level; it has an AC and PD of 10 and is immediately destroyed if it takes any amount of damage.
Hold Portal
Ranged Spell
Effect: You cast this spell on a door. For one hour, adventurer-tier creatures can’t get through the door. Champion-tier creatures can batter it down; each attempt requires a DC 20 Intelligence skill check (including an applicable background) by the caster to resist the battering and keep the spell going. The portal fails after three checks. Epic-tier creatures can walk right through.
Ranged Spell
Effect: Until the end of the battle, you can use a move action to rise straight up into the air or descend straight down. The spell itself won’t move you horizontally. The up-or-down movement is about half as fast as your normal movement. While levitating, you take a –2 penalty to your attacks and are vulnerable to attacks against you.
Close-quarters Spell
Effect: You send a one to two sentence message to another person you know and have touched in the last week. Sending a message to a person you can see is always easy. Sending a message to a person you can’t see requires a skill check using Intelligence against the highest-tier environment that you or the sender are occupying. Maximum distance of approximately half way across a city.
Special: Can be cast as a quick action
Speak with Item
Close-quarters Spell
Effect: Speak briefly, mind-to-mind, with a magic item you are touching that is owned by you or one of your allies. The item’s owner gets a free power recharge roll if that item’s power has been expended.
Special: Can be cast as a quick action


Statistic Bonus
STR +2
CON +3
DEX +6
INT +4
WIS +3
CHA +7
Best Entertainment Money Can Buy +3
Background history
Scholar of the Ancients +3
Background history
Seer of the Unseen +1
Background history
Upcycle EVERYTHING!!! +3
Background history


10 Gold Piece

Typical Arms

  • Light Crossbow
    • Bolts ×10
  • Dagger ×2

True Magic Items

Weapon. You have trouble remembering proper nouns for things
Light Mace
Can convert into any tool you need at the time. Reduces the time to do a manual task by 1d4 X 10% and gain +! to +3 on your crafting check based on RP'ing.
A rod with multiple gears and dials that can be quickly spun to create a variety of tools and shapes.
Light black dragon-scale armor of poison resistance
Body. '
Light Armor
Resist Poison 6+
Vest and cavalier leggings made of black dragon scales



  • Backpack
  • Toolbox with various fasteners
  • 50' rope
  • Set of musical brass and crystal bowls
  • Personal Glider

Story Bonuses

Extra References

Character Sheet
Bard Spells
Utility Spells