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Gaming Charter

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These are the expectations for everyone playing in games that reference this charter

Expectations from the GM

  • The campaign will be built collaboratively. Players help to sculpt the world with their actions and the GM will make sure they have an appropriate impact on the world around them.
  • The world will be believable and will be populated with convincing people and monsters.
  • Rules will be used to enhance the game, not to detract, and will be applied consistently. Problems areas will be resolved as positively as possible and abuses will be curtailed.
  • The GM will help your characters become who they want to be throughout the course of the game.
  • We are going to use "fail forward" approaches as much as possible when rolls don't favor the players. (But we may need help from the players.)
  • Reminders will be sent out prior to a gameday.
  • The GM will do their best. Failing that, feedback is welcome.

Expectations from the Players

  • Say yes more often than you say no.
  • In that vein, be open to your character going in a direction you don't expect. When Xander lost his eye on Buffy he rolled with the punches. We hope you will too.
  • Share the spotlight. Play will be as a group, but some characters will be better at or be more entangled in certain things.
  • Don't fear failure (including fleeing). Often it makes the story more interesting.
  • Proactively maintain your character pages and contribute to the episode recaps on this wiki.
  • Do try make an effort to be familiar with the rules. Expertise isn't required, but read the suggested areas, and follow up (re-read, or ask) when you are not clear.
  • Please be clear about your intentions with the GM. These games are not about a player-GM adversarial relationship.
  • Keep roleplaying at the top of mind. Describe your actions narratively, e.g. I swing hard with my sword at the orc's face, using Power Attack.

Expectations from Everyone

  • Consistency in attendance.
  • Everyone benefits from common courtesy and respect. If something makes someone uncomfortable, resolve the issue respectfully.

Contributions to the wiki

This wiki will be used to record the campaigns. You will get all the help you need to accomplish the following:

  • Keep your character pages up-to-date. E.g. Character sheet, logsheet, note pages, etc.
  • Contribute to the episode recaps.

This wiki is an important tool for the campaign and your willingness to contribute was part of the selection process.

Online Conventions

These will likely change over time as we play but for now these are conventions that help keep the game move smoothly for everyone.

  • Have a working camera and mic.
  • When you aren't talking or active, have yourself muted. (Background noise is a killer.)
  • Be visible in the camera area. Avoid bright lights behind you that may cause you to become a dark patch in the video.
  • When making a roll in Roll20, before the roll, type in what the roll is for. This can be as simple as "/me Athletics, /roll 4df"
  • Reduce distractions. Play in your office or at the kitchen table away from others.
  • Try to reduce online distractions (Facebook, chatting with friends on SnapChat, etc.). Pay attention to what is going on in the game.
  • Please don't record/screenshot or share the conference/tool links outside of our game group without asking everyone first.