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Hearts of Wulin: Rod of Destiny

From Drinking and Dragons

Played as part of Gauntlet Con April 2020.

Players: Randy, Alex G. David, Dan Brown

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg3d0DQTKH0


Character Sheets

Swift Hare (he/him)
Played by Randy
School: Blossoming Song Academy (Righteous)
Fighting Style: Field of Woe (Water)
Earth +0; Fire +2; Metal +0; Water +2; Wood -1
romantic—I love [Scarlet Whirlwind], but their sibling, [Lang Shi (she/her)], considers me beneath them.
general—I’ve learned my friend [Hallowed Night] has been betrayed by their teacher [Dai Wen] but they will never believe me.
WANDERER — You have restlessly traveled the land. When you arrive in a new town or region, roll. On a hit the locals remember you favorably; gain a bond with an NPC. On a 10 or greater, they owe you a debt of gratitude. On a miss you learn of tragedy or betrayal you left in your wake.
REIGN OF COWARDS — When you become undetectable using shadows and concealment, roll. On a hit no one can see or interact with you until you decide they can. You can break this by choice or attacking. On a 7-9 you remain hidden but leave some trace behind or alert a foe. On a miss your attempt fails and leaves you vulnerable.
Hallowed Night (she/her)
Played by David S
Scarlet Whirlwind (she/her)
Played by Alex