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Start at the docks with teh Waddock bros. Our crate is in the middle of the street. We manage to load out stuff and leave before teh watch gets to the deck.

While we are going up the Dragon's Tongue river, Tirotin begins to badger people about their faith and the captain of the ship objects. Tirotin begins to discuss mutiny and a quadiron is put to his head.

We purchase a warjack for 1,000 gp. Then a cart, coal, etc for 375.

Tirotin continues to cause problems and is shot in the shoulder. As Gurlge and Kalhyoiweraguhg approach he casts updraft and falls into the water. We retrieve him, and then he is tied up. When the ship lets us off, they set off a firework.

Boarmen come out of the forest and guide us to their city, but not before they force our trollkin to where nothing but a robe. Of course, he prefers to wear nothing. We are given a free room to stay in and hospitality is fabulous.

Since women are viewed as second class citizens, Caitlyn dresses up as a man and wanders the city. She prays in a grove. She finds an elderly boarwoman who will allow her some privacy. Caitlyn draws out the leomond's chest and draws the Witchfire Blade.

Gorgul and Wydechek negioate for use of a lab to construct the labor jack.

Caitlyn gets drained by the blade and uses it to raise a skeleton and a rat skeleton. The party is worried. Tirotin cast Zone of Truth and asked Caitlyn some questions. He then cast Divination and it was confirmed that Caitlyn's plan is the true path.

We continued on to Corvis crossing where Caitlyn needed to clean a waystation to finish gaining access to Polymorph.

Got on a train.