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IK logo.png This page is related to the Iron Kingdoms campaign.

Work that sword, bitch!

Alexia is Dumas' 17 year old, very charismatic but fucked in the head, niece. Despite her charisma, she's quite condescending. She says she reads a lot when she's not helping out with church duties.

  • She has stolen a series of history books, which tell of a plague.
  • She locked the PCs into her secret lair, where she revealed that she is going to do something bad. Judging by the evidence, it seems that she intends to bring one or all of the executed witches back to life.
  • Stolen a item, presumed magical, from the tomb of the four witches.
  • Said that she is secretly dating Mario Gertens. This is presumed to be a cover story and thus not true.