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  Attendance: Randy, Joe, James, Ryan
Loot: Cone of Cold Device; Rifle shot (12)

The Good Ship Fortune

Caitlyn: We started aboard the good ship Fortune, the only ship that would have us after the spectacle that is Tirotin. The captain, Squint, seems like a reasonable and gruff man, and the ship is run by his crew; Anovar and Killian are the twins, and Leto—another Leto!—is an eight-year-old stowaway who has started earning his keep by helping around the ship.

We spend the trip down the river fighting both the river and our desire to throttle Tirotin.

Population 13 12

In the distance we spy a town sign, Crimm, population 13 12. The town has a extended pier into the river. Our boat is greeted by a couple of swampfolk covered in furs. There are three buildings in the village of Crimm. In the bar we speak with some of the local swampies and find that—strangely—everyone in the town has an androgynous name.

We were told that there was a recent death in the village, hence the crossed out 13 on the sign earlier. We wished to investigate the strange happenings in their boneyard, however Tirotin decided to use his "charm" on the locals and we were forced to rescue him from being tarred and feathered again.

Not the only ship to pass Crimm ...

Over the course of conversation we discover that there was another steam ship that passed Crimm, and it attempted to go unnoticed. On board the sneaky ship was a haggard woman wearing all white.

Upon hearing this Caitlyn attempts to pay the crew of the Fortune to push through the night so that the party can catch up with the other ship, however the river forces the crew to rest for the night.

Tree across the river

The next day while traveling there is a tree across the river, which was an obvious trap and we were jumped by gobbers. One of the damn things had a device the reproduced the effects of the spell Cone of Cold, and that has a shivering and shocking discovery.

Crashed Steam Craft

Further down the river we find that we had caught up with the sneak vessel, only to find that it had crashed on the side of the river. Investigating the crash, we found that there was a battle on the boat. In fact, there was a huge hole in the boat that seemed to be caused by magic! In the mud next to the boat we found a dismembered scaly and green hand, the hand of a Gatorman! The ship was apparently abandoned quickly, as a chest with rifle shot in it was left behind.