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IK:Assault on Corvis

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  Attendance: Randy, Ryan, James, Herman, and Joe
XP: 800

Leaving Fort Rhyker

Caitlyn: We fled the fort quickly, as it was urgent that we get to Corvis to warn the Watch and Father Dumas. And honestly, to get as far from the those foul creatures as we could. I always though that skeleton's shouldn't move, and I stand by that thought.

As we were going across the battlefield we saw Tirotin in the distance. Apparently he was trying to reach us quickly. When we asked what he had found out in the books he stayed in Corvis to read, he informed us that he really wasn't doing research. Instead he was beginning to write his memoirs. This was frustrating, but as mom always said, forgiveness is divine.

Tolmek noticed that there were more horse tracks that there had been previously. While he couldn't track them, poor dear is still learning, he could tell that there were quite a few of them. Since Tirotin was heavily armored we all insisted that he ride ahead first. I told him, "at the first sign of trouble, rejoin us and we'll make a concerted attack".

He didn't.

Jamison: Tirotin's back. And he was delayed because he'd started writing his memoirs. What an obnoxious bookworm. The good news is the armor he's wearing made him perfect as bait to set ambushes off early! It just figures that he doesn't have the sense to back off of an ambush so that we can all face it together.

Attacked by the Order of the Lightning Eye

Caitlyn: While scouting, Tirotin was ambushed by archers in the trees. He bravely/foolish held his ground while we caught up to him. Had it not been for my creating a wall of dirt and vines, with pretty flowers, he would have been a great target for arrows.

There were also two mounted foes hidden among the trees. How in the world does one hide a whole horse?! Obviously we need to get a bit more attentive. (OOC: Does anyone have ranks in Spot? NO.)

After defeating the foes we discovered that they all have tattoos/scars over their right eyes of a circle and the lightning bolt. We assume this is the Order of the Lightning Eye that Alexia referenced in her notes.

We put the loot on our cart and continued towards town. In the chaos that was Corvis I forgot to inform the watch about the bandit bodies that we left.

Jamison Yep, that smartass is a fool. Caitlyn did a good job of protecting him with a wall of vines and dirt. I think it was a wall. It might have been an illusion. Either way, it helped.

It seems the trees were heavy enough to make it hard to see mounted riders, we're going to have to figure out a way to keep a better eye out for ambushes and the like. (OOC: Jamison can't. Spot and Listen aren't Hexblade skills. Dook and Tolmek are the best bets. Items might help too.)

Now who are these people? They're not your typical bandits. Not with tattoos like they have. Another mystery. Another reason to skip town. Too much bad history here.

Encountered Surrendering Khadoran troops

Caitlyn: While we traveled to Corvis, we saw camped ahead of us on the road some Khadoran troops. Seeing as Cygnar is at war with Khador, we were concerned. Inspecting the troops closer, we saw that they had attempted to paint over the Khadoran markings. Since I'm the most polite in our group, and there was no easy way to get around them, I walked over to talk to them while everyone else stayed hidden.

I introduced myself and we had a polite discussion. Turns out that they are Khadorans who wish to surrender to Cygnar. This was very fortunate, as I wasn't in a mood to fight anymore that day. They put a piece of their warjack on our cart. Since the Khadorans were headed for Corvis, we started to guide them there.

Leader of the troop, Kosti (Ivashov) Petru, a caster of some sort. Malko, the mechanic. Mushko, a soldier with a halberd. Ambroz, a fighter with a great axe. Myrra (Balovnevna) Ladislav, a cleric of Menoth with a heavy flail. All but Kosti (who was in chain) were in full plate. The 'jack was identified as Juggernaut class.

Jamison Khadoran Defectors. Interesting people. I'm glad they turned out to be "friendly" people. I was afraid that they were another ambush. We got to lead them to Corvis. Mira was the "leader" of the group. Her father was the boss. (He's an A-Hole) Seems they brought along a disassembled Warjack too.

Stopped by Cygnaran trooper

Jamison But we didn't get to lead the Khadoran defectors all the way to Corvis. We were stopped by a trooper from Corvis. It took some doing but we managed to get Mira and her family/friends to surrender their weapons. They were too proud to lay down and surrender like they were asked.

The Khadorans stayed behind while the rest of us were sent to Corvis. All of the equipment that we had in the cart stayed behind. (We got it back the next day.) We were given a message to forward to the watch that was a summons for backup. I don't really blame them, considering there's a war going on right now.

Inside the City

Reporting to Dumas

Caitlyn, Dook, Tirotin, and Tolmek go to report to Dumas

Reporting to the Watch

Jamison reports info to Julian Helstrom.

Jamison I found Cap'n Helstrom in a seedy bar on the Waterfront. (Falling Comet? Falling Star? Something like that.) He was drinking alone at one of the tables. The tables near him were empty.

I gave him a brief summary of what happened at Fort Rhyker. Thankfully he believed me. He set off to make preparations, seeing as the thrall army wasn't going to arrive for about a day. When he left the bar got even more chaotic than it already was.

Fighting in Corvis

Encountered Victor Pendrake & Rogdort

Encountered Thralls shooting us from a bridge

Saw Nancy in action

Sweet. (Note: she did get hit plenty. I stylized.)

Defending Church Island

Surrounded by an army of undead.

Jamison: I wish we'd have gotten a few people to follow us to the church. We could have used some more help later in the battle.

Witchfire, the artifact sword

Give the sword to Alexia, or this new wizard? Caitlyn's vote: break the sword.

Jamison I regret not stabbing Alexia with the sword when I had the chance. I know it would have been a bad thing to kill Father Dumas's Niece on Church Grounds but it would have probably prevented a lot of future problems.

Stupid me trusting a Wizard I don't know. I just have to wonder why Alexia didn't have the thralls swarm me. Heck, they could have swarmed Caitlyn faster than they would have swarmed me! I've also gotta wonder what witchfire is. Maybe I'll skip town and find out from the fools who end up dealing with the aftermath of today. I've got his odd feeling that Alexia was getting the sword no matter what. (Either that, or someone was gonna get corrupted by the sword.)