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Notes on finding spells

Seeking the spell Inhibit

"Inhibit? I'm sorry miss, I cannot sell you that scroll. That's a classified military spell. Can I see your badge, please? You don't have one? I see. I'm sorry, but it's for the good of Cygnar that we keep that spell out of Khador's hands." -Any scroll traders you could locate.

Caitlyn: Oh dear me yes, I understand completely. Do you happen to have a phamplet about spellcasters joining the military? I'm not really that interested in joining, but I may be out of work soon ...

Him: "Nah. Just catch any patrol! Can I take your name and contact location in case somethign changes?"

Caitlyn: The name is Caitlyn Viscairo and I'm currently staying with Father Dumas at the Church.

Seeking the spell Net of Shadows

"Psst? Over here. Quickly, into the alley. Miss, what is it? I couldn't help but to overhear your search for a scroll Net of Shadows that you were having difficulty finding. I could scribe one for you by tomorrow, but it'll cost you a bit extra. It will be fourty five gold pieces. A great spell it is. Useful if you're in a pickle like I was last night. I found myself surrounded by an unruly lot of Black Hands. I don't know how they got to me. I could swear I set Alarm on the doorway. My name? Gladly. I understand your motives. It's Neves Saila. You can find me back at this place here tomorrow with the scroll, should you still want it." -The only person who seemed to be familiar with the spell. A shady-looking older man, dressed in black, quite inappropriately for the brightly lit alleys in the Quad. His scruples didn't necessarily seem all too large.

Caitlyn: Oh what a darling you are. Here, let me pay you half now and I'll give you the other half tomorrow. If I bake some biscuits tonight, I may bring some with me for you. How do apple muffins sound?

Neves, on the trade-off meeting: "Delicious biscuit. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Tell me, how did you hear of this spell? Shadow magics aren't very... Common."

Caitlyn: Oh my, I didn't quite realize that it may be a dangerous spell to cast ... I'm not very comfortable with the idea of casting it, but sometimes I just get as curious as a cat at Christmas! Thanks for the assistance. If you find anything else ... illusionary, items/spells or otherwise, let me know.

Neves: Gladly. You can always find me under the Old Bridge any Malleus 7th.