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IK:Corvis Besieged

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  Attendance: Randy, James, Mike
NPCs: Capt. Hellstrom

Escaping the Temple

Fought against a mechanospiderperson in a hallway while trying to get out. We found the Witchfire sword, and the sword seems to want to take the life of Caitlyn.

mechanospiderperson, Father Lucant, was a very, very powerful entity.

Greetings Professor

We escape and head out. A small steam vessel left a half hour prior to us getting to our vessel. Find a dwarf professor, Widecheck, who joins the ship.

Vinter has returned to Corvis, the sane leave

Traveling down south, we encounter a lot of ships headed away from the city. Squint and the capt of another ship, Cpt Edden, tells us that, Vinter Raelthorne is back and gods help us all. Recommends that we leave for lhael.

Vintor, an excellent swordsman, cause of inquistion. Osted him after combat and not seen since. Decade ago. Inquistion stopped by new king Leto. Corvis is swarming with Inquistiors again, they have tattoos on their hands that look like and eyeball crossed with a lightning bolt. Order of the Unseen Eye == inquistors. Watch is taking orders from them. City council was murdered. Only councilman Ulfas Borlach survived. He is now Mayor pro-tem. Confiscating firearms and swords only.

Order of the Illuminated Ones finds Caitlyn

Determined to circumvent the city and avoid any trouble with Vintor, the begins sneaking away. Not long into trying to avoid the city the group was spotted by a group of riders, with a long dark-haired woman leading them. The riders approach the group and they ask for Caitlyn. After discovering that the woman, Winifred, was from the Order of Illumination and was seeking Caitlyn because of her desire to join.

The woman tells us that Father Dumas, the only one who knows how to destroy the Witchblade, has been captured by Vintor. Determined to destroy the blade, despite Tirotin's objections, the group heads toward the city bravely. One the way the woman reviews Caitlyn's spellbook, asking questions about various spells. She rips Net of Shadows out of the book due to it's connection to the plane of shadow.

Before we get to the gate the woman and our group part company, to rejoin us inside.

Getting back into the city

Fight guards and Hellstrom helps us.

Getting to island prison