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  In attendance: Joe, Ryan, Herman, Randy. 650 XP.

Who would like to fill out the recap based on their PC's perspective?

Anybody else?

"Protect me ... Dook?"

—Caitlyn, lying on the floor being protected by Dook.

Leaving Corvis

Caitlyn: While we were leaving the city of Corvis with carts of "wine" in tow, an old woman whom we nearly didn't recongize approached us. Turns out that she was Lorna, the wife of ... someone we met. She seems sweet and likes to make little totems, that are at the very least effective at preventing Dook from "borrowing" stuff from her.

And of course that scrappy lil' lad Leto managed to find us. Seems that he—like all boys—really likes to spend time in the woods.

We camped about an hour away from Fort Rhyker, to ensure that we were far enough to not encounter any patrols.

Jamison: Not much happened, though the party did get news that the fort was occupied by something (Not 100% clear on the news) and that we were to do some investigation and delay any enemy force we could find.

Fort Rhyker

Caitlyn: As we approached Fort Rhyker, we discovered that the fort was the scene of a large battle quite some time ago. Thralls, or animated skeletons, were collecting up bones of the dead for the creation of more of the foul creations.

Jamison: We fought and defeated a few combat thralls with little trouble. Many of the Thralls turned out to be slave that were worthless in combat. Also, Lorna's charms actually worked! We'll have to buy some of them for Caitlyn and Dook.


Explored inside. Stole a spyglass. Combat.

Caitlyn: Since Tirotin had more important matters to attend to—he mentioned something about needing to read the books we found for clues. Caitlyn hopes that he finds something useful, but she really thinks that after donning the armor, the idea of getting into combat scared him. Anyway, since no one else wanted to use it, Caitlyn decided to use the enchanted shield that Dumas was kind enough to loan us. With dagger drawn and bearing the shield she fought well, until she realized why fighters usually open doors. She was brutally knocked unconscious and nearly died. Since Dook wouldn't be able to feel Caitlyn up until after the enemy was dispatched, Dook immediately began fighting the vile thrall. Someone managed to revive Caitlyn and with the thrall right next to her she called out, "Protect me ... Dook?!" She was stunned to find the little gobber valiantly fighting to keep her from harm.

"I'll have to make him a pie", thought Caitlyn.

Jamison: Got into a long fight with several thralls. I got brutalized, Caitlyn was knocked out, Lorna and Tolmek were also injured.

Found Alexia's room

Jamison: And white dresses, one with a tear in it. As if we needed more evidence.

Caitlyn: Alexia's room had no taste. It was a converted holding cell with a single twin bed. It was decorated in "Early Villian". And she shouldn't be wearing white after labor day.

Leto got exploded

Jamison: Luckily he survived, as it was the first of two bombs that hurt him. It took two potions to heal him and we set off the second bomb without a hitch. The bulk of the Thralls are trapped on the other side of a chasm, which will at least delay them. I wasn't looking forward to having a rope tied around my waist so that I could demolish any last bits of the bridge. (We shouldn't have broken the chains to lift the town side of the lower bridge until after we lifted the bridge.

Caitlyn: That poor boy Leto. He's so brave to volunteer to come with us, but maybe it's too dangerous for a boy his age. Considering how badly I was hurt, it breaks my heart to think of what may happen to him.

Gear notes

  • Purchased 5 Potions of CLW with Slush money. Everyone present given one.
  • Strange blade found on a Thrall's body. Longsword. (It is inscribed with tarnished gold inlay, "May this blade serve you as well as you have served Cygnar--King Bolton Grey V the Blessed, 477 AR.")
  • Playing cards for Dook.
  • Key ring with 4 keys to cells in the Fort.
  • Dook used a total of 5 bolts.
  • Dook took a pair of Alexia's panties.
  • Mounted Telescope.
  • Greatsword, normal, Jamison will keep as a backup weapon.
  • Ring from the thrall warden's finger (not yet tested for magic)