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IK:Friendly Fire

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  Attendance: Randy, James, Michael, Jen

Return to the Gertens Mansion

Caitlyn: Nancy and Dornin finish their negotiations and come to terms for how the two former rivals could work together to rid Corvis of the scourge infecting it. Sometimes good things come of brutal circumstances.

Once Dornin departs, Nancy begins to break down into tears, showing that she geniunely cared for her husband. Tirotin comments about what to do "about the body?" and Nancy quickly draws her sword in a rage. Fortunately we are able to get her to not kill Tirotin, though she instructs him and his lackey to carry the body. Tirotin periodically drops the body and it becomes fairly obvious that it is intentional. What scares me most is that Nancy does not get upset about this, making me think that she has a greater plan in store for Tirotin.

I hope that I am no where near him when Nancy decides to "admonish" him.

Once back at the Gerten's estate, I make a remark about staying at Lorna's and discover that it was supposed to be a secret even to the rest of the Gertens. Mateo, privately, offers us a key to an apartment at the Falling Star Inn.

Falling Star Inn

Caitlyn: We arrive at the Falling Star Inn, renowned in Corvis for it's "fire gobber" incident, and decide that it would be best if we were to sneak in. While we are all outside debating the practicalities of this plan, Winnifred and Hellstrom approach us. It is very apparent that they would like nothing more than to kill Dornin, but they understand why we had to negotiate a deal with the "devil".

We successfully decide to sneak in, and then do so.

The next morning

Caitlyn: The next morning we have a guest, Mateo Gertens, who delivers to us two notes.

  1. From Nancy Gertens, an address in the shurberry, near the southern wall.
  2. Cryptograph from Deliterious, asking us to come quickly as things for him are getting worse and mechanikal cockroaches are assailing him and his equipment.

Into the Sewers to meet Deliterious

Caitlyn: We bravely travel the sewers, disliking the stench and the wail of complains that spew forth from Tirotin. We reach the arranged destination and find that Deliterious is a master of oozes and molds. His doorway is blocked by a gelatinous cube that poor Alistair did not see and was paralyzed for a short while. Among the grand experiments of Deliterious' were the aforementioned gelatinous cube, ochre mold, and a black pudding.

It would seem that a major section of Deliterious' laboratory was destroyed by some overly industrious mechanikal cockroaches. We are informed that they are constructs of brass and iron, and have the ability to spit acid. How gross!

In the destroyed lab was an ooze that could duplicate whatever touched it. This charmed Tirotin, who decided that we must prevail against the cockroaches so that Deliterious could again make this creation so that the world could be filled with a-holes.

Fighting Clockroaches and their Bodger

Caitlyn: We lie in wait for the cockroaches for what seems like an eternity. When they do arrive the ignore us completely, focusing on the pile of garbage that was the bait. The battle started well, as the team worked in unison until ...

Tirotin, compensating for his hidden lack of self-esteem, casts a web of fire out all around him, harming friend and foe alike. Seeing his complete disregard for the lives of those who fight beside him, I decided that Tirotin should experience some friendly fire of his own and I through a storm bolt through him and the pair of swarms that were on him. The smell of burn flesh in the air, Tirotin drops to the ground dying. Tears well up in my eyes, but the cockroaches and swarms care not, so I continue fighting.

By the end of the combat Tirotin is still alive but paralyzed. Alistair's eye burn right through to my soul. Perhaps Winnifred was right, perhaps even a slight taste of evil is enough to infect someone. I must pray to Morrow...


After everyone is standing, we decide to trace the route of the cockroaches back to their lair, where we find a dwarven bodger with a hammer the size of a warjack! We try diplomacy first, but the response is spellcasting and combat. We put him down, despite the protests of Wydechek.


  • Maul, large, Ssaric steel
  • Heavy leather apron
  • Mantle over head (?)
  • Belt with wrenches