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IK:Helping Fallen Leaf

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Attendance: Randy, Joe, James, Ryan, and Herman
XP: 750  

Cryxan Campsite

Caitlyn: We found the campsite of the people who we fought the previous day. It seems that the people we encountered we truly evil, as they had with them two mechanathralls. Fortunately one was not yet complete, as the one we found was a nasty specimen of undead and technology. I really don't understand some people's obsession with animating the dead to fight. Do they have no respect for the dear departed?

Jamison: That Prank that Fallen Leaf pulled on Tirotin, pure genius. I'll be laughing about that for weeks. The Cryxan Campsite wasn't so funny. I'm glad one of the Mechanothralls was incomplete. The one that we fought was pretty tough. And that acid that it spewed when it "died" seems to have done worse to Fallen Leaf than it did to me.

Dook: Nothing makes my morning sing like putting a silly man in a coffin, except for popping a giant rat into goobers all over samesaid silly man. Too bad about the giant acid blooded undead mechanothralls. Still I think I learned something very important, breaking things is a matter of cutting up the least armored part.

Returning to Corvis

Jamison: I'm glad that the rats weren't hard to take care of. Caitlyn came up with a brilliant plan to try to fool them into thinking that we weren't there. Pity that the rats could sniff us out. Dook got off one hell of a shot into one of the rats. It took a good chunk of flesh with the bullet and practically killed the rat.

Caitlyn: ::blushes:: Jamison just said that I had a brillant plan. Unfortunately the rats we insistent on getting food and walked through the illusion. The rats were the kind that secreated acid, which hurt those who attacked from too close. Tirotin and Dook masterfully worked together to destroy one of the rats quickly, with Tirotin cursing it and Dook then blasting it to smithereens.

Dook: Rat Asplode.

Special Delivery

Went to the University War Dept. and talked with Lt. Donet. No bounty but agreed to possibly granting favors in the future.

Jamison: The military at the War College appreciated the "dead" Mechanothralls, the lieutenant seemed impressed. Hopefully, they'll help the soldiers find a weakness. I'll have to go back and tell the soldiers about the vent that opens and closes when the arms are used to attack.

Personal Business (Downtime)


  • Tolmek wants a diversity festival.



  • Dook put up an offer for the acid, it says 100 gold which is crossed out and says 250 gold.
    • Dook gets an offer of 210 gold for the acid, via a staffer at a private laboratory, who does not reveal his owner. Does it get sold?
  • Asked at the University about getting a position writing a gossip column for the paper. (As information is often money.)
    • "Like I tell everyone, bring me a complete sample and if it get pressed, we'll pay you."
  • Began doing research for his column by hiding inside a vase in "The Pale Sunset" and listening for interesting conversation from the wealthy patrons.
    • "Did you hear Mrs. Sunbright has petitioned King Leto for divorce from Elger Sunbright?."
    • "I hear that reporter lady Roxana sleeps with people to get information."
    • "Whisper has it among the council that the King is thinking about forcing some nobles onto the board."
    • "Lieutenant Donnet is going to be replaced soon. Colonel Brocker is retiring from the front. But keep that quiet, they're afraid of what Donnet might do."
    • "Magistrate Borlach is a big dumb oaf. He wouldn't know a crime if he saw it in front of him."
  • Attempted to track down Leto both for his knowledge of "wine" working and to give him the message from Nancy.
    • "Yeah, sure. I'll come with you. Eek, the Gertens want to see me? Umm. You'll come with me? Okay." (They see him privately, and don't kill him. He doesn't share the story.)


  • Stopped at the War College and told the researchers (Or the Highest Ranking Officer he could find) about the vent that opened and closed as the arm/arms raised and fell to attack.
    • That girl with you already told us about that. But hey, want to help us figure out its range of motion? You saw it in action.
      • Jamison: Sure, it beats work as a practice dummy. I can't help you with it's land speed though, it didn't get a chance to move before we killed it.
  • While at the War College, Jamison asked if there was work either as a sparring partner for soldiers/recruits or in training the recruits/soldiers in ways to fight thralls and other creatures he encountered. If there's no work at the War College, Jamison will try to get a payment for any information he has, either from the Military or from one of the other departments at the university.
    • They offer you some time as a combat dummy, asking you to react in somewhat predictable fashions to help recruits practice certain methods, including disarming. You are offered 1 GP for doing this a few hours each day during the week. You make some low-rank friends while doing so.
      • Knowledge is power and friends are often allies. Jamison is glad to have helped.
  • Took some time to relax and pray/help some more at the church.
    • You need this to recover from the bruises during practice.


  • Spent a lot of her time with her spellbook scribing scrolls and writing a new spell, Invisibility, into her spellbook.
    • Scrolls: Magic Missile x4; Comp Lang; and Disguise Self
  • Internally debated on adding Net of Shadows to her spellbook.
    • Sought out Dumas to discuss if it would be morally acceptable to add to her spellbook.
    • Attempted to contact Rodget and have lunch to discuss the Art, asking his opinion on the spell Net of Shadows.
    • Attempted to contact Helstrom to discuss what the law says about what magic is acceptable or not. She does not mention Net of Shadows specifically but talks in vague terms.
  • Wishes to find out what sort of wizardly groups exist in the city. Will be seeking out information on the Illuminated Ones, for joining. (This will most likely take place at the magic show, but it's on her mind.)
  • Will meet with Neves Saila, if the time is right.

Job Offers

The party each felt the slight tug away from the group, as each member was asked to fulfill a task.

  • Lorna asked Kaitlyn to take a supply of talismans to her relative in Tarna (Nation of Ord) and to investigate some rumors of undead on the prowl there.
  • Tirotin was asked by Father Dumas to to travel to Elsinberg (in Occupied Llael) to recover an original tome or the teachings of Ascendent Angellina and Morrow from the library of the church. The resistance to be expected is that Elsinberg is now behind Khadoran lines.
  • Dook was contacted by a guard of the Gerten's estate about Nancy's wish for Dook to smuggle explosives to Armandor (Ord), with an overt task of guiding her nephew back to his home. Dook is under the understanding that he's indebted to Nancy, and it quite eager to complete the task.
  • Jamison was contacted by the military for a job that the party decided against taking, for several reasons including logistics, and the fact that the recruiter had other people in mind for the job should he wish not to take it. It would have been going with the Khadoran defectees to Rhydden (Free Llael) to help establish them as double-agents.
  • Tolmek, while talking with his fisherman friend Harlet, learned that Harlet received a letter from his Krell from a close member, asking for help. Apparently, the Khadoran army has displaced the trollkin, and the Krell is seeking to skirmish with the Khadorans directly, unless another option can be reached. Knowing that their chances of prevailing are slim, Harlet asks for help. The Kriel is located past Fellig, into Khadors borders.

Tolmek: I can't deny Boomhowler's call. He has been the only other strong-blooded person I've seen since my assignment to Corvis. With or without my new friends, I need to aid his Krell to the best of my ability. I know my kind well enough to tell that trollkin don't stay inactive for long. If we tarry too long, we'll have missed our chance to talk with them, and they would charge into the Khadoran army only to be slaughtered.

It's a good thing I have petitioned the university to set up a committee for a diversity fair, because I foresee an influx of trollkin refugees in Corvis. Maybe I can convince Tirotin to set up relief for them with the Church of Morrow. If not, I'm sure they would get along fine with the swampies.

There's no doubt that Krell Boomhowler would prove a valuable ally to the Cygnaran army.

Jamison: It seems we all got a job offer from someone. I'm leery of Dook's job "Offer" from the Gertens. It's bad news when you're smuggling explosives. But it is a cover for getting Tolmek and his friend on their way to the Tribe that is planning on attacking the Khadorans. It'll also get us closer to the towns that have had a rash of grave robberies. Hopefully, those grave robberies are Cryxans and not Alexia. I hope I never see Alexia again.

I'd rather we went to retrieve the Sacred Text for Father Dumas first. But it seems that that isn't possible with the job offers we got. I've also got to tell Captain Helstrom that we are turning down his job offer. It's not a job I would have liked too much anyway. *Jamison does this as soon as the decision is made.*

Dook: Smuggling is such a dirty word. I prefer to think that we've been asked to subtlely deliver goods. As for the babysitting part, I could do without, but Caitlyn can probably handle that. Hopefully we can get Leto along as well, the kid is probably the least likely to blow us all up in an emergency, then again the kid did blow himself up that one time.

Still I do agree with the rest of the party that we should help the trollies, I don't think anyone ought to die unless they deserve it, or someone else thinks they deserve it enough to make it cost effective.


The paths.

I've calculated distances:

  • Corvis-Fellig
    • 260 miles along road through plains and forest.
    • @32 miles/day makes it 8 days.
    • You will be passing by Blindwater Lake, the Thornwood and Deepwood Tower.
    • You will be travelling through the counties of Northern Midlunds, Bloodsbane and Thornwood.
      • Corvis is in the Northern Midlulnds.
      • Fort Rhyker is actually on the border of Bloodsbane-Midlunds
      • Bloodsbane is the super swampy, otherwise barren, region of Cygnar. Even though it has a road, it can be hard to travel in wet seasons.
      • The Thornwood is mostly heavily forested, but the road is clear enough to travel fine.
  • Fellig to the Gallowswood where the Boomhowler Kriel
    • 70 miles.
    • This is just over a two day trip. If you force march to do it in one day (17* hours assuming only horses), your mounts will take damage, assuming you can make the checks to push them. You will be fatigued.
    • It crosses the Cygnaran-Khadoran border, across which many battles historic and near-present have been fought.
      • You will be entering the Umbresk region of Khador.
      • It is largely fertile plains specked with hamlets. Umbresk is one of the food producing regions of Khador.
  • Fellig-Armandor
    • 60 miles
    • This is a two day trip. If you force march to do it in one day (15* hours assuming only horses), your mounts will take damage, assuming you can make the checks to push them. You will be fatigued.
    • Crosses the peaceful Ordic-Cygnaran border.
    • Is in the Almare region of Ord, its heartland.
    • It should be smooth-sailing across rolling plains with occasional forest outcroppings.
  • Armandor-Tarna
    • 80 miles
    • This is a three day trip. If you force march to do it in two days (10* hours assuming only horses), your mounts will take damage, assuming you can make the checks to push them. You will be fatigued.
    • Much the same terrain as going to Armandor, but slightly more wooded.

*Forcing your mounts to march this long in a day will likely kill them, and hurt you.

Loot from the session

From combat at the end of last session

  • Potions (2)
  • Bag of Powder, magical
  • Wooden Shield 3gp
  • Breastplate 200gp
  • Dagger x3 6gp
  • Morningstar, MW 308gp
  • Light Xbow 35gp
    • 19 bolts 2gp
  • Leather x2 20gp
  • Spell Component Pouch x2 10gp
  • Shortbow x2 30gp
    • 40 arrows 2gp
  • Light Mace, Aspergellum, MW x2 610gp
  • Scale Mail x2 100gp

Total 1326gp; sell for 658gp; each player and slush gained 109.66 gp

From Crxyian campsite

200 gp of Alchemical/Mechanikal supplies. (33.33 gp per PC+Slush)

Total gained per PC

142.99 gp