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IK:Leto's Birthday Present

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  Attendance: Randy, Michael, Jen


Caitlyn: It turns out that the thugs who attacked us at the end of the mage duel were not the authorities, but the Mercirians. And it turns out that the authorities did not like them any better than us, so after a short debate we followed them to a safe house near the graveyard.

Our anonymous contact shared that the Mercirians were in search of Neves Silas. It seems that in addition to the dark knowledge that he sells, he has also been selling verboten goods without giving the Mercirians their share. There is a 20,000 gp bounty on his head and they are willing to share a generous portion if we bring them Neves.

Added a new ward to the chest

Caitlyn: Wydechek added a Ghoul Glyph to the chest, allowing only myself and Dumas to bypass it.

Leto's Birthday

Caitlyn: After returning to the safehouse, Leto pays us a visit and tells us that his birthday is the next day and he wants some assistance with his present. Making sure that Alistair is in the other room, we listen as Leto tells us how he has stolen a number of items and intends to destroy the bridge that leads to the prison where the skorn are housing themselves.


  • Caitlyn gained four scrolls of Rainbow Wall
  • Wydechek gained four scrolls of Clockwork Construct
  • Tirotin gained glamered full plate armor
  • Orca gained a rock (a +1 flaming returning rock)

Destroying the bridge

A long drawn out battle with the skorne guards ends with Leto successfully(!) setting off explosives and destroying the bridge. The Gertens help cover escape routes and Matteo snipes.

Summoned to Nancy's

Caitlyn: We go to Nancy's and are told the great news—the cathedral has been retaken by Father Dumas, Rodgort and the Black Hands! Unfortunately it has also been discovered that the amazing Pendrake has been taken!