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IK:Our Knight in Shining Armor

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  Attendance: Randy, Ryan, Joe
XP: 600
NPCs: (Tirotin), Exarch Meika Toboschal, Donnard, Father Dumas, Mr Wooster, Rodgort, Julian Helstrom, Unnamed Cleaning Acolyte

Unannounced Guest

Caitlyn: After returning from dealing with Nancy, Dook, Tirotin, and Caitlyn returned to Father Dumas' church to sleep for days. Arousing us from our deep slumber was the sound of church bells late into the night, causing us some concern that the church was under attack until Caitlyn's mind cleared and she remembered this sequence of bell-ringing heralded a prominent guest arriving at the church.

Dook and Caitlyn dressed for the occasion in courtier's outfits, while Tirotin couldn't be bothered with getting out of bed. Once downstairs Dook is asked by Father Dumas to hide and count weapons on the guards that would be entering the church. Caitlyn volunteered to use her abilities in illusion to make the church seem in better repair than it was, as well as to enhance the lighting. (She also threw in a few butterflies and glitter to good effect.)

Entering the church was a contingent of guards* and the Exarch Meika Toboschal.

  • 25 Cygnaran standards, 15 Sanctium guards, 15 mercenaries-of-the-good-persusian, and 6 lightly armored personal guards with spell component pouches.

The Exarch announced that his visit if for vacation and that he intends to cross the wastes to the East the following week. After a middle-of-the-night mass, it is announced that arrangements are being made to have open interviews with the Exarch the following day. Caitlyn donates 50 gp to the church and has a 9 am appointment.

Where do we sleep?

With the unexpected arrival of the Exarch, everyone in the church who isn't Father Dumas gets the privledge of sleeping in the dusty and unused for years dormitory. Caitlyn uses her magical broom to sweep away the dust and her and Dook sleep the rest of the night.

It should be noted that Tirotin, in all his usual glory, stayed and fought for his bed with a rather cute young paladin. Eventually Tirotin lost, but his reputation as self-absorbed has spread a bit further.

Meeting the Exarch

Caitlyn: The following morning Caitlyn awoke and met the young paladin in the morning for mass. Tirotin attempted to cock-block, making Caitlyn quite cross with him.

After mass Caitlyn met with the Exarch in public, telling him about the battles with the forces of darkness and how she would like it if he would make arrangements for her to join the Order of Illumination so that she may formally fight the forces of evil.

Following Caitlyn, Julian Hellstrom meets with the Exarch but speaks softly and it is not heard what he said.


A Plea for Help

Upon finishing dinner with Wooster, the party was surprised by the shouting of a man in an alley. When they reached the corner, they found a terrified man being assaulted by something that resembled one of Caitlyn's menstruations (hypnotic pattern ooze). Alistair spent time augmenting himself before entering the fray. During that time, the merchant was engulfed by the ooze. Luckily, through teamwork, the ooze was defeated, and the man was saved from a death fast approaching. The man explained that he is an Idrian alchemist that recently moved here and was looking to set up shop. Thieves ransacked his cart, and in the process, the mixing of reagents formed the ooze. Each reward seems to be an item that provides a great effect, yet matched with a debilitating effect.

The alchemist, named Deleterious, works on tribal drug derived elixers. Here is what he gave the party:

  • Alistair: "Elixer of Divine Extension". You connect well to the divine forces, but it drains your life force a little and dwell on the fact of it conciously. It's a recipe extrapolated from Menite ceremony and the Enkhedarion (sp) itself. (Next spell is two of empowered, maximized, enlarged and widened, but you suffer a -4 penalty to charisma for 24 hours.)
  • Caitlyn: "Elixer of memory". You become so perceptive of the memory that you can't recall basic facts or notice the world around you. It's a recipe modified from one used by the Iosans as a study drug. (You gain one extra spell slot of any level you can cast for the day, but suffer -4 to your wisdom for that day.)
  • Dook: "Elixer of Perception". Your senses become attuned to everything around you, enabling you to strike very well with ranged combat. However, you are so engrossed with sensory input that other functions of the body are diminished, and the trance-like state leaves your body exhausted. You wouldn't want to know where I came up with this recipe. (+2 to confirm criticals, +8 to Wisdom and use Wis instead of Dex for ranged attacks for an hour. -4 to fortitude and reflex saves for 24 hours.)

He also offered:

  • "Elixer of Fearlessness". Distilled from the blood of a Khadoran-Half Troll. (+4 to fortitude and will saves, can sacrifice AC for bonus to attack rolls for an hour, but autofail reflex saves. During this time you must also engage in combat with anyone percieved as a foe, even if non-combat resolutions are available. When over, you suffer an AC penalty for 24 hours equal to the worst sacrifice you took.)
  • "Elixer of The Beasts". Made from soil taken from dragon blighted ground. (+10 to intimidate, Goad feat, two size categories larger, claw/claw/bite attack routine. d12 temporary hit points. no healing works, and -1 hp/round. lasts as long as desired, but the no healing lasts for 24 hours after it ends.)