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  Attendance: Randy, Herman, Ryan, Joe, and James
XP: 750

Caitlyn: When we received the pearls from Dumas no one—including myself—thought to contribute to the slush fund. Everyone should chip in 16.7 gp to the slush fund for group supplies, such as healing. Tirotin, would you be willing to generate Scrolls of Lessor Vigor for the group? The slush fund will cover the materials for creating them.

The Days Following the Battle


  • Added Invisibility to her spellbook
  • Scribed a scroll of Comprehend Languages
  • Purchased alchemical healing supplies
  • Purchased gold earrings
  • Paid with a 100gp pearl by Dumas


  • Helped with the cleanup
  • Saw the rats of caen lecture


  • Visited Nancy at the mansion. After dealing with extraordinary security measures he was let in to see her. After some verbal Tet-a-tet she indicated that she felt that the party had done her a service by killing Ruffio who had been "bad for business" due to his philandering. She rewarded Dook with a new pistol and instructions to inform the party of the meeting and to let them know they might be recieving work in the near future which it would be unwise for them to turn down. Dook indicated it was "An offer we shouldn't refuse."

Rats of Caen Lecture

OOC: granted a bonus when dealing with rats. (What was the bonus?) +4 bonus to Knowledge (Nature) when dealing with rats for a month.

Fallen Leaf Requests Our Assistance

Contacted Tolmek. Met him the next morning to discuss details. Looking for Cryxians who are invading his land.

Jamison: Fallen Leaf, asking us for help. Odd. I guess he really needs help and considers us not enemies. That's good. Seems a little fanatical though, what with severing ties with his past life.

Caitlyn: The poor dear is just misunderstood. I don't think that he got enough hugs growing up. Unfortunately that can't be helped now. I find that Fallen Leaf is an interesting individual and I'm glad to have found someone who actually likes to try and live in harmony with nature—I've been spending a lot of time in the city lately.

Attacked by fish

Jamison: Dook got munched on, Caitlyn stunned a few and I got to kill a couple of them. Tirotin was, as usual, being stingy with healing for non-morrowans.

Caitlyn: I believe that Tirotin is starting to worship himself a little more than Morrow these days. Perhaps he's being stingy because Morrow isn't granting him as many spells as he used to?


We fought them.

Jamison: Ugh, frikkin fear effects, I wish I could have beaten the guy that hit me with that. It looks like two were rogues, two were sorcerers or other kinds of spellcasters and one was kind of unique. The leader of the group must have been one of those "Warlocks" I've heard rumors about. I'm glad we managed to beat them.

Caitlyn: A couple of them managed to walk right through my vine illusion, darn it. Obviously they were foes that actually know something about the Art. I'll have to work harder on crafting my illusions.