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Rules Not Used

  • Creature Lore skill mn1. The Creature Lore skill does not exist. Relevant knowledge skills are used.
  • Healing pain. Read below.
  • Regional traits ik31. Region skills, ability adjustments, social flaws, etc, are not used. Languages are. Some archtypal NPCs may be created with these in mind.
  • Item weights. ik169. IK prefers 3.0 to 3.5 item weights when available.
  • Massive damage threshold phb145. NO longer used.

Rules Used (IK and house)

  • Skills. Knowledge (The Planes) is not currently available. Knowledge (Tactics) is. 'Jack Handling is a new skill.
  • Modified classes ik80. I will allow the by-the-PHB versions of most classes instead of the IK-modified one if you choose.
  • Altered Spells. ik350+ Some are, some aren't. Check with me for each individual spell. (Generally, fort-save-or-take-damage for necromantic changes ARE done. Changes that make the Arcane Mechanik/Sorcerer/Wizard spell lists different from each other are NOT. Summoning spells, well. I'll have to see about those. Languages spells ARE limited. Spells from external sources may need to be revised to fit these lists. Proposals entertained.)
  • Suspcicious and Limited Spells. ik263-6 and thereabouts. Teleportion-based ones, etc.
  • Incread magic item costs. ik319 All permanent magic item costs are increased by 25%. All consumable magic item costs are increased by 10%. XP loss risk for permanent magic items is increased from 200 to 300. *subject to tweaking
  • Mechanika creation. ik121
  • Craft subskills. Advanced craft skill (Craft [Small Arms], etc) exist. ik142.
  • Healing pain. Applies only to magical healing. Read below.
    • Maximal healing per day ik276. Read below.
    • Incompatible religions ik278. Read below.
    • Restricted raising of dead ik279. Pretty much as-written. Undeath is frightening. Revenance is shocking. Resurrection is quaking.
  • Fractional Bonuses to BAB and saves are under consideration to be used.


Religion is VERY important to the people of the Iron Kingdoms. Familiarize yourself with the deities ik205. ALL characters must have a patron deity, whether or not you follow it strongly. Most followers of Merrow or Thamar will also favor a particular Ascendant or Scion ik213. Some deity information is in Lock & Load as well. Notice that if you are devout (and roleplay it), you will gain the bonuses listed for patronage benefits. Chances are you can't become devout enough as an adventurer to gain the more-extreme devout boon, though. If you are a cleric, you choose one domain from your deity and one from your ascendant ik214. If you'd like a domain not listed -- ask me, I'll see if it fits anywhere. A favored soul may chose either a deity or an ascendant or scion as his patron at creation. This affects the weapon focus feat.


Noone likes by-the-book fighters or sorcerers.

  • Fighters:
    • gain an extra skill point per level that must go to a craft skill, and
    • may choose (at character creation) to have a strong reflex save instead of fortitude.
  • Sorcerers:
    • obtain their familiar for free and have +5 to any skill checks to keep it secret (hide, disguise, slight of hand, whichtever's used in the attempt; only for the attempt to conceal the familiar), and
    • may either:
      1. specialize, using intelligence, as a wizard, with the same benefits and penalties, or
      2. select, using wisdom, any one (relevant to your religion) clerical domain and recieve its bonus one spell per spell level per day only (not the granted power, nor may these spells be cast with a sorcerer's normal slots per day), or
      3. Eschew Materials, as the feat.
  • Wizards treat their familiar, if obtained, as if they were one level higher.


Simplified this way: All magical healing requires a will save (yes, this means higher level healing has a higher chance of NOT working). The recipient makes a Will save. If the save fails, the healing is halved. If the save passes, the effect is normal. For spells such as Vigor, "halved" halves the duration. There is never a negative effect of healing. Alignment does not factor into healing. Followers of incompatible religions automatically fail this saving throw. If you would like to consider feats related to this, ask me and I'll write one for what you want.

Spell approval/denial

Consider all spells from PHB and Spell Compendium allowed, unless otherwise stated. Other sources, check with me. Keep in note the setting and notes above related to spells (Conjuration (Calling, Summoning, Teleportation), Necromancy, etc).


  • [RichBerlew]'s rules are all open options to choose from, with the exception of the polymorph discussion. Some might not work, simply because of the setting... but feel free to ask. This includes the Knowledge and Diplomacy skill uses in particular WILL be used, however, roleplaying will be enforced for Knowledge skill uses. This includes when NPCs/Monsters use knowledge skills for situational bonuses -- if you catch me on it, please say something.
  • I need to write up: meaning of Knowledge (Tactics) specifically, and of the Craft (Talisman) feat that Lorna had.
  • Craft (xyz) skill change: This step "4. Make an appropriate Craft check representing one week’s work" is changed to "...one day's work".
  • Reserve Feats are modified.