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  Attendance: Randy (as Leto), James, Ryan, and Joe (partial)
NPCs: Father Dumas, Leto, & Neves Saila

Return of Tirotin

After returning late from trying to find Neve Salia, the party found Tirotin asleep on a cot in their room. Clutched in his hands was a book about conversing with infernals. After a long debate we learned that the tome was from the church library, and Tirotin proclaimed that it was he was intitled to it.

As wrong as it seemed that Tirotin should have the book, he was able to use his new found knowledge to identify the shadow creatures that kidnapped Caitlyn. Apparently they were Kidnapper Infernals, and they would have to of been summoned close (1/2 mile).

Once everyone fell asleep, Dook and Leto stole the book from Tirotin's sleeping grasp and hid it in another room.

Sharing the infernal book with Dumas

For the first time in a while, Dook and Leto made it to mass but only to wait until the sermon was finished so that they could discuss the tome with Dumas. Dumas was furious with Tirotin and asked to be shown to him immediately.

Upon encountering Tirotin, Dumas began reaming him out, even to the extent that he was casting spells at him. Spells that incidentally hurt Leto and Dook as well. The infernal book that Tirotin had been reading was from Dumas' private and personal collection. At the end of the encounter Dumas blinded Tirotin as a lesson.

Confirming that Tirotin has lost his faith

After the showdown, Alistair decided to test Tirotin's faith by casting Faith Healing on him. When the spell failed, it confirmed only what everyone already knew.

Gathering Information

The ceremony to summon Kidnapping Infernals involves a large quantity of incense, so everyone began attempting to collect information. Eventually a man by the name of Acalyx, an Idrian salesman, confessed to selling a large quantity of incense to a pair of men and a pair of women. The party also discovered that there was an auction at the Holy Water tavern the same night that Caitlyn was kidnapped.

Holy Water Tavern

The Holy Water tavern is a tavern across the street from a church. The owner was very agreeable once he discovered that the search for Caitlyn was a church matter. The basement was searched and nothing was found. The owner told the party that Mrs Fullet, or Lorna Fullet, was involved in the auction. Asking her about it yeilded no useful information, so the party decided to try and search the basement of the Holy Water again. This time a secret passage was found!

Though before searching the Holy Water again, Tirotin was punished again by Dumas by having a curse put on him to reduce his intelligence. Dumas also gave the party scrolls of Locate Object, Zone of Truth, and Zone of Truth.


The tunnel under the Holy Water was very slick and dangerous. While traveling we encountered a makeshift bridge across a ravine of water. Tirotin decided to cross first, but instead of trying to carefully make his way across, he decided to try and jump/slide across. No matter how many times this technique didn't work, Tirotin continued to try. Eventually it worked, but that was sheer luck. ;)

Our attempts to cross the bridge drew the attention of a gray ooze, who's acid ate away Tirotin's armor and shield. The carcass did yeild ~500 gp of gems in addition to pieces of Tirotin's armor.

Caitlyn Found!

Further down the hallway Caitlyn is hung on the wall in the style of DaVinci's ventruvian man. (I'll let the other players describe this part.)