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IK:Thale Breir

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Thale Breier, Elven Mageslayer. Met in IK:Armandor during IK:Stonington 1. He uses a huge slightly curved two-handed sword in one hand (DM note: think of a cross between a great sword, a bastard sword, and a katana), wears elven chain (quite similar to that which Nancy Riordan-Gertens wears), a greatcoat, and carries a light steel shield. He wears a holy symbol to an elven god he identified as Scyrah.

He had revealed to the party some of his class abilities/feats. He speaks at least Shyr and Cygnaran.

  • "I hate humans." translates into Ranger level(s)
  • "When i strike a mage, his magical defenses usually disappear"