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Tolmek, done South Park style.

Tolmek Bruzh
Level:3 Trollkin Fell Caller 4
Experience: 10,100
Gold: 752.99 Size/Type:Medium Humanoid
Hit Dice: 4d8, (40hp)
Init: -2
Speed: 35ft (7 squares)
AC: 11 BAB/Grapple: +3/+7
Attack: +8 melee MW Hunting spear (2d4+6/19-20 x2) or +7 melee Greataxe (1d12+6/x3)
Reach: 10ft/5ft
Special Qualities: DR 4/lethal
Saves: Fort +8(+12 vs poison, +10 vs. disease, +16 vs. non-ability damage poisons), Ref -1, Will +1

Current stats (using 33 points):

STR 19 DEX 6 CON 18 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 15


  • Intimidate +9 (7 ranks, +2 Cha mod)
  • Knowledge (Tactics) +3 (3.5 ranks)
  • Perform (calls) +9 (7 ranks, +2 Cha mod)
  • Spot +3 (3 ranks)
  • Survival +7 (7 ranks)
  • Swim -3, +4 unarmored (1 rank, +4 Str mod, -1 check penalty)

Feats: Power Attack, Dash, Improved Bull Rush, Powerful Charge
Environment: In your mom's vagina.
Organization: n/a
Treasure: Yes, please.
Alignment: Neutral
Level Adjustment: +1

Gear: Backpack, 50' silk rope, waterskin, 2 vials of holy water, short sword, studded leather. Caitlyn's backpack 23# Total Load: ~# Load: 116/233/350

Fell Calls: Tolmek can use the musical abilities of the bard class, though they are made as fell calls, not songs. In addition, he gains the following:

  • Fell Call: To be affected, the enemies must hear the calling for a full round. The effect lasts as long as the trollkin howls and for 5 rounds after. Affected enemies receive a -2 morale penalty to saving throws and a -1 morale penalty to attack and damage rolls. Supernatural, mind-affecting ability.
  • Signal Call: It can be heard a great distance away, extending a one mile radius. Lasts as long as the call is sustained. Extraordinary ability.
  • Stay Death: All allies within earshot while this call is being made do not become disabled at 0 hp. They may continue fightinguntil -10 hp unhindered, though upon reaching -10 hp they die as normal. Subjects caught between 0 and -10 when the call ends suffer the normal effects. This lasts as long as the call is sustained. Supernatural ability.
  • Stunning Blast: The call extends in a cone 5 ft. per level in length, and all caught in it suffer 1d6 nonlethal damage per level of the fell caller. This immediate effect call is a supernatural sonic attack.

Note: When a fell caller uses an immediate effect call, he decides the effective level of the call (up to his fell caller class level). After performing the call he takes nonlethal damage equal to the effective level of the call. A successful Fortitude save (DC 10+ effective call level) halves the damage.

Description:Standing well above six feet tall, and weighing in at a modest 280 pounds is Tolmek. He has a generous amount of spiny hairlike protrusions from his scalp, which he likes to keep beaded with dyed wooden purple, red, and yellow. His eyes are a rather disturbing (to humans not used to Trollkin) white appearance and there are red blotches mottling his chin, left cheek and forehead. When unarmored, you can usually notice a large collection of welts and bruises from his close encounters with walls, doorways, and other objects.

Above all, Tolmek values honor and sacrifice to his bloodline and trusted friends. He appreciates audacity and looks toward cowardice with disdain. He tends to be clueless when it comes to human traditions and etiquette, but his strong presence allows him to get away with a lot of the minor things.

As a teen, he was conditioned to be an athlete in the Trollkin games, specializing in the Sazlik (Sheep Kick).

Religion:He is a very devout follower of Dhunia, and is very pensive about the way he will interpret events around him. He refuses to take sides immediately, trying to decide "What would Dhunia do?" first. This is, unless of course, a force is directly conflicting Dhunia or his kith.

Goal:He was sent as an analyst of battle tactics of the human nations, in order to keep the trollkin informed of current technological advances on the battlefield. He was told not to return for good until he has plenty of information.

Battle Tactics: Takes the front line without thought, and protects those that ask. He prefers using his hunting spear, but isn't shy to whip out the battleaxe if he's forces to drop the spear. He tries to use his strength to his advantage in ways that aren't just dealing damage, employing bull rushes, trips, and disarms when he feels it necessary. Upon gaining fell caller abilities, he will try to instill terror in his enemies, and take that opportunity to rout the enemy. He is too clumsy to care about protecting himself, and often considers a stong offense is the best defense.

Open impressions about party members:

Dook - coward, nowhere to be seen during battles (he doesn't realize Dook's tactics, yet)

Jamison - not at all pleased with his weapon choice. Tolmek views cleft-bladed weapons to belong to people who desire suffering in others, and who are followers of the Devourer Wurm (no matter what they might say). Tolmek is still convinced that he's compensating for something, but won't bring it up again.

Caitlyn - Although very slight of frame, she has a lot of presence, and the audacity to approach danger even when gravely wounded. We do have our differences in what we consider honorable combat.

Tirotin - He seems really knowledgeable. I wonder if he has any knowledge of tactics.

Future ideas with advancement:

Predominant Fell Caller levels, with possible levels in fighter (thug variant) and one or two levels in Barbarian.
Track feat, with a respectable survival skill (or urban tracking with gather info)
Possible feats:

Daryl2: Dash(MH)
Trollkin3: Improved Bull Rush
FC4: Powerful Charge

Daryl5: Skill Focus (undecided)
Trollkin6: Improved Sunder
FC8: Shock Trooper

Fighter1: Combat Brute
Trollkin9: Greater Powerful Charge
Fighter2: Something else fun