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IK:Tracking Down Neves Saila

From Drinking and Dragons

  Attendance: Randy (as Leto), Ryan, Joe
NPCs: Dumas, Mr. Wooster, Helstrom, the mail carrier, Leto, Larissa McCall
XP: 800

Two swords finished, black bladed longswords, large uncompleted longsword. Large chainmail, MW Weapon Crafting tools (large)

Bounty: 500 gp


  • 1st "The keeper of the Falling Star passed me your message. 431 Tilps St. Tonight. Bring friends, as the docks district is dark at night. -Neves Saila". It's written in very neat, perfect block handwriting.
  • 2nd "I'm terribly sorry. I gave you the wrong address. Worry not, my scribe has been punished. I hope you are not injured? The correct address is 134 Tilps St. -Neves" This paper is printed in not quite so perfect scribely handwriting, and it has faint bloody fingerprints.
  • 3rd "I write this letter by hand. Good scribes are so hard to come by these days. My weak hands are not much for writing, as you can see. Today is the last opportunity to meet. 134 Tilps Spilt Split St. I will leave a candle burning in the doorway. -NS" This letter is hand written by a lay man, and is actually of pretty bad penmanship.