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IK:Witch Tomb

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  3 Nov 2005: Randy, Ryan, Joe, Justin, James, Herman. XP Value: 500

Leto meets us at the gate. Wants gold to join us. Decides that a share is good enough. Reach the area where Dumas says it should be, swampy and thick. Encountered empty campsites nearby.

After some searching we discover the cave entrance, giant door that has been smashed. Can't tell which direction it was smashed from. While camping 5 swamp gobbers walk past us. Artificer awakens Dook. We killed a single gobber while the other gobbers fled. The gobber had small studded leather (25gp/15#), filled waterskin, small poor shortsword (scrapped), and rat jerky. Caitlyn takes 1.5 hours to get ready. Artificer power ups various party members.

Found a face in stone that seems to be a navigation map, for constellations. Tirotin made a copy of the map. Found a bronze plaque with a symbol on it of hammers and a city skyline with a ghost above it. Corvis smithy guild icon. Found a bag with G.W. on the tie string. Gunsmithing tools, gemcutting tools, carving tools, etc. Dook removed the gunsmithing tools, though the artificer (Gunner's nephew) doesn't realize this.

Fought a squid. It tried to hurt Tolmek and Caitlyn didn't like that.

Fought a cave wort, does acid dmg. Annoying little mold.

Dook finally paid Caitlyn the 1gp he owed her.

Find a cowering gobber, Borken Hecanican, is scared. Knows where the treasure of the witch girl is. Alexia, we presume, went to the smelly boxes and took the four grey women.

Find four skeletons outfitted each with a breastplate (200gp/30#) and battleaxe (10gp/6#) with strange heraldry. Tirotin doesn't know what the heraldy is.

Brass plagues with names of four witches: Here lies Doromia Smythe, beheaded for the Crime of Witchcraft in the Year of Our Kingdom. Other names are Kellwyn Sikes, Morgan Innswood, andd Aria Black. Dozen beeswax candles are arranged around the caskets. Fine red powder glyphs. Spool of thick black thread and needle. Faint trace of necromancy energy still present.

There was treasure in a corner. Shiny treasure. It was a ring.

We made the Gobber go into the water after the shiny stuff that was there. It was a blackened steel dagger with copper runes (magical, faint enchanment, medium-sized).