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Assembled from the Character Guide.

The game is going to take place (at least initially) in the kingdom of Cygnar, in the city of Corvis, the renaissance Venice of IK.

Races of the Iron Kingdoms

  • Human
    • Northern
      • Khardic (think Russian)
      • Kossite (think Scandanavian)
      • Ryn (think French)
      • Skirov (think Caucasian)
      • Umbrean (think Ukrainian)
    • Central
      • Midlunder (think German)
      • Morridane (think Gypsy)
      • Thurian (think Portuguese)
      • Tordoran (think Spanish)
    • Southern
      • Caspian (think English)
      • Sulese (these are an extreme theocratic offshoot of the Caspians)
      • Idrian (think Turkish)
      • Scharde (think penal colonial)
  • Dwarf
  • Goblin
    • Gobber
    • Bogrin
  • Elf
    • Iosan
    • Nyassan
  • Ogrun
  • Trollkin

Other races might fit not so badly.




ik69 Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate, Llael, Ord, Ios, Rhul, Cryx



Each month consists of four weeks of seven days: Vendarl, Malleus, Donard, Gorim. That makes each of the 13 months 28 days long.

The months names, in accepted order, are: Glaceus, Casteus, Trineus, Tempen (Vendarl 7 begins Spring), Cinten, Rowen, Solesh (Malleus 7 beings Summer), Octesh, Katesh, Goloven (Donard 7 begins Fall), Doloven, Khadoven, Ashtoven (Gorim 7 begins Winter).

The Longest Night is a festival that occurs every three years at the end of Ashtoven, before Glaceus. It is an unnumbered day; consider it a leap year day to keep astronomy and calendars in sync. It is filled with festivities and revelry. In some places, the partying lasts up to a few days (although TLN itself is only one day).


  • Human and Non-human
    • Dhunia (f,N) Creator of Caen, Ravaged Mother, Wellspring of Life, Great Mother
    • Cyriss (N) The Maiden of Gears, Clockwork Goddess, Hidden Goddess, Mother of Mathematics, Mistress of Numbers
    • The Devourer Wurm (m,CN) The Beast of All Shapes, Great Beast, Menoth's Bane, Vomiter of Darkness, Unsleeping One
  • Human
    • Morrow (m, NG) The Prophet, Lord of Light, The Healing Teacher, Patient Brother
      • Ascendant Katrena (f) Valor, knighthood, paladins
      • Ellena (f) Travellers, adventurers
      • Doleth (m) Sailors, fishermen
      • Solovin (m) Healers, battle chaplains, midwives
      • Angellia (f) History, lore, knowledge
      • Gordenn (n) Farmers, family
      • Sambert (n) Smiths, stonemasons, carpenters
      • Rowan (f) Poverty, the downtrodden
      • Corben (m) Alchemy, astronomy, wizardry
      • Markus (m) Soldiers, town guard
      • Shevann (f) Merchants, bankers
    • Thamar (f,NE) The Dark Twin, Temptress, Whisper in Shadow, Wicked Sister, Guide of the Damned
      • Scions are not typically well-known to the general populus.
    • Menoth (m,LN) The Creator, The Shaper of Man, Lawgiver
  • Dwarven
    • The Stone Fathers (m)
  • Elven
    • Ha. Ha. Ha.