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Light: 38
Medium: 76
Heavy: 115


Bellows of Mist/Prestidigitaion - 15' cone
Mechanikal Gaseous Form Pump [heavy]
Magnifying Lens of True Seeing [fragile, limited use]
Mechanikal Wands of Hold Person {13}, Magic Missile {12}, Cure Moderate Wounds {17}


Shield, Tensers Floating Disk, Reduce Person, Arcane Lock, Obscure Object, Leomunds Trap, Magic Mouth, Knock, Erase, Sepia Snake Sigil, Dimension Door(Enh)


Cure Serious, Arcane Sight 3, Ironguts, Remove Paralysis


Orgoth Music Box [Cone of Cold-30', Ref 17, 6d6]
Orgoth Grading Stamps {Satisfatory, Unsatisfactory, Failure} All are arcane marks requiring blood of the person being marked except the failure stamp. The failure stamp is an explosive rune with the same blood component limitation.
Wounding +1 Dagger

Throwables: Acid 2, Caltrops 2, Smoke Grenades 7, Incendiary Grenades 1, Flash Grenades 5


Mw Armored Greatcoat, Mw Mantle, Mw Chainshirt, Mw Buckler


Frame Backpack, Minute Pocketwatch, Collapsible Shovel, Bedroll, 2 Scrollcases, 5 Chalks, Flint & Steel, 5 Inks, 5 Pens, Mirror, 50 Parchment, 2 Pitons, 2 Beltpouchs, 10 Rations, 2 Sacks, Sealing Wax, Soap, 10 Vial, 2 Waterskins, Whetstone, 15 Flasks, Magnifying Glass, Everburning Torch, Scholars Outfit, Explorers Outfit, Mw Thieves Tools,
Mule, Packsaddle, Alchemists Lab, Mw Trapmaking Tools, Mw Mechanika Tools, Collapsible Chair, Block & Tackle, Rope, Grappling Hook, Hammer, Scale

Carried Load: 112# ->Needs checking 3/14/08.