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If a thing happens and it is forgotten, does it still matter? If a crime is committed and the criminal is remembered as the victim, who has suffered? Is the greater crime against the flesh of another, or their memory? Is memory all that we have? Is it all that matters? Is there a truth, an existence outside of, superior to, memory?


Welcome to Ludhumus, a sprawling continent with only two countries, Pravudens and Stultabon. Briefly, Stultabon is a resource-rich land, temperate, and abundant. A quick look at the features of Pravudens will convince you that it is not similarly blessed. The two countries are currently locked in a war, the major front being the Frost Circle. Many unusual happenings prevent the war from escalating along their "sea border," and I'll give you all more intuition about why once we are at the table.

Stultabon experiences an unusual mix of chaos and peace. Those whose skills are irrelevant to the war effort (or those who simply don't care) lead their lives as normal -- the war hardly affects them. For others, it is a single-minded goal. However, Stultabon fares poorly in the war, its forces having been pushed back nearly 36 miles from the original border. Fighting has diminished somewhat in this winter's wake, though Stultabon now faces the challenge of strengthening their battered armies despite the unforgiving weather.

Which, in and of itself, is not a simple task. The Shaded Dale Mountains present an oppressive and formidable barrier to the task of sending supplies to the Frost Circle. The Malachi, Balachi, and Calachi mountain barbarians guide travelers through the treacherous passes, and it is only through their skill that supplies have made it over the mountains at all. Most supplies, though, either come around the mountains or from Shadow's End and small farming communities around the area. Many who would otherwise be classified as adventurers are already at the Frost Circle, engaged in the fray. Yet the feel and grandeur of Ludhumus and Stultabon lies not only in the war effort, but also in its private citizens. Much intrigue lies hidden in the dark snatches which guide the magically run democracy of this place. There is talk of a history untold, reshaped, and crafted to those who would wish it so. There is talk of devilry and otherworldliness. There is talk of death and destruction rampant through the land.

But then, there is also the word of hope, courage, and goodness. These tales bear a resemblance (though corrupted by the ages) to the Prophecy of Man -- the penultimate foretelling of the future. Its contents are not known, though legend has it that its entire writings are not lost, merely hidden and waiting for the proper time of revealing....

But where are we in all of this? The world will spin and its story wrought regardless of our path in it, yet our actions may change its course inexorably.

The story begins in a far-off town for one, a thriving city for another, an abandoned lighthouse for another. Regardless of your calling, you are hooked into this spiraling web of intrigue, mysticism, hope, despair, and war. It is up to you to mold your fate. It is up to you to discover the secrets of this world. Characters will participate in many of the guises I mention here, from a desperate attempt to track a foe, to a daring military maneuver, to a quest of espionage. . . . . All is here for the taking.

Some additional comments in an out of character context

No evil PCs are allowed. I encourage shades of grey, but as you design a personality, you should make sure that it can be "inspired" to some cause greater than self-service. I require a backstory (or personality description) of at least one page. If you wish to tie it into the world details, feel free to discuss that with me. If not, that's also fine for the time being. It's my job to immerse you in the world, and I am happy to do it.

The world is low to medium-magic, though non-PC casters are rare at this time due to the intense war effort. A balanced party would be useful, though not necessary. I know this isn't much information. . . . I'll try to put out some more as and when I get the chance.

The world feels very "medieval," in the sense that the large majority of people never see mythical creatures such as chimera, pegasi, and the like, though anyone who's hardy enough to strike out into the world can find them. There are layers to this world, and once you step out of the mundane layer, things happen. In the mundane world, there are only victims. Consider yourselves warned. :) It would be nice also if the flavor of the world made it into your character designs. . . . Remember this is a hauntingly beautiful world, with music, poetry, and calm. Imagine if you will a world crafted in the image of the classical elves (even though this was not).

One final note: I tend to be a tough DM. Characters do die, though I can generally assure you that it won't be an unsatisfying death.