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Donovan O'Reilly


Dual Cursed Oracle of Life (3) | HP 25
Lawful Good Human
Height: 5' 7" | Age: 20 | Weight: 135
Hair: Red | Eyes: Blue

Ability Scores
Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Inteligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

Armor Class
Regular AC: 14 = 10 + 3 (Armor) + 1 (Dex)
Touch AC: 11 = 10 + 1 (Dex)
Flat-Foot: 13 = 10 + 3 (Armor)

Armor: Leather Armor + Armored Kilt (AC 3 | Max Dex +6 | Penelty 0)

Saving Throws
Fortitude: +2
Reflex +2
Willpower: +3

Selective Channeling: Can exclude up to four people from channels
Extra Revelation: Gain an extra Revelation from the Life Mystery
Toughness: Extra Hit Points

Tongues:While in combat, can only speak in Celestial. This curse will not progress with levels.
Clouded Vision:Can't see beyond 30 feet, but can see as if he had Darkvision. This curse will progress with more levels.

Life Mystery
Misfortune: As an immediate action, force a creature within 30 feet to reroll any one d20 roll it has just made, before the results are revealed. Must take the result of the second roll, even if it's worse. Once a creature has been targeted, cannot be targeted again for the rest of the day.
Channel: Can channel positive energy up to 5 times per day. Each channel heals for 2d6 points.

Tyrael (Diablo II).gif

Energy Body: As a standard action, can transform into pure life energy. While in this form, gain the elemental subtype. Increases the light level within 10 feet by one step, up to normal light level. Harms undead who try undead with melee or natural weapons 1d6 + Oracle levels. As a move action, can pass through friendly squares and heal one person for 1d6 + Oracle levels. Can heal self also, as a move. Can stay in this form for 1 round / Oracle level.

Trained Skills
Diplomacy |10|
Heal |6|
Knowledge: History |8|
Knowledge: Planes |8|
Knowledge: Religion |8|
Perform (Bagpipes) |7|
Spellcraft |8|

Abyssal, Common, Celestial, Infernal