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LRC:Alicia Humphrey

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Alicia Humphrey
TITLE: Assistant Headmistress of the Harpell School of Wizardry
RACE: Half-elf (Moon)
ROLE: Archmage
GROUPS: Harpell School of Wizardry
Formerly played by: Lon

A half-elf with long dark hair and piercing blue eyes who seems to observe everything that goes on around her. She is apprenticed to Lori Harpell and is a high-ranking member of the Harpell School of Wizardry. She carries a small bag and has spell components and a pistol holstered around her waist.

  • Currently the acting Headmistress of the Harpell School of Wizardry
  • Present when the party was asked to find Alyssa Dac'Angelo.
  • Was aboard the ship that found the party when they were lost at sea.
  • Met with the party to help them deal with the Ring of the Waves.
  • Was present at the burial of Dac'Angelo.
  • Attempted to argue for more time to find Dac'Angelo's soul before a new King was proclaimed.
  • Owns a Hat of Disguise
  • Robhim considers her a good ally.
  • Was at the dinner that Ruha hosted, introducing Boronon the Horned Weaver.
  • Attended the birthday party for Victor Harpell.
  • Introduced Sly Fawkes to the party.
  • Came out to investigate the Muir Hole explosion.
  • Once it was revealed by Mystra that King Talen had sided with the devil lord Levisitus, she aided Jones in attacking Talen.
  • Pulled some strings so that the party could get a True Resurrection for Wolfdale.