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LRC:Captain Liston Ironhelm

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Liston Ironhelm
TITLE: Lieutenant of the Iron Men Special Forces
RACE: Human
ROLE: Frontline
GROUPS: Iron Men

Captain Liston Ironhelm is towering man, with a dark suit of plate mail and a flaming bastard sword. Despite his gruff and demanding personality, rumors say that he is known for harsh but fair orders.

  • Led a contingent of the Watch to seek out Jones on the night of the Prime Minister's return gala.
  • Led the "shock troops" who arrived as backup for the party for the retrieval of Alyssa Dac'Angelo.
    • Was very disappointed in the PCs who are in the Watch for not paying proper attention to the enemy.
  • Seen talking with Asper at the Midsummer Fire Display by Wolfdale.
  • Turned out to be a doppleganger who owes King Talen his life. After serving five more years his service to Talen will be at an end.
  • With Layna, they evacuated the Rings of Power from the island.