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LRC:Dac'Angelo: Wizard, Warrior, Wonderful

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Opening night: Midsummer festival in the Lone Rock City Palace
Written and Directed by Meridian Owen

Opening performance played by:

  • Wolfdale [disguised as a Harpell eldritch knight and then in costume]: Dac'Angelo
  • Dookette [disguised as a cleric of Mystra and then in costume]: Winslow Thiunder
  • Brennel [disguised as a Formorian worker then in costume]: Dorinna Moonbringer
  • Robhim [disguised as an old far then in costume]: Neko, Talen

Scene 1

Dac'Angelo: Hark, the strange island is ahead!

Dorinna Moonbringer, the wizardess: Yes my glorious husband, you are so strong and manly and wise.

Winslow Thiuder, cleric of Mystra: It would seem that the guidance that Mystra has given us has proven true! There is an island here.

Neko, the bard: It is mine hope that this is a journey worthy of song!

Fighter A: I hope that I don't die...

Scene 2

Winslow: It seems that this place has spent millennia in the foul reaches of hell.

Neko: How can you tell Winslow?

Winslow: By the infestation of Pit Fiends

Pit Fiend enters and attacks

Pit Fiend: I will destroy you all.

Dac'Angelo: Not if we kill you first! In the name of Mystra I attack thee!

Dorinna: You are so brave and handsome. I cast Magic Missle.

Neko: I inspire everyone and Dac'Angelo to greatness.

Pit Fiend: I am defeated. Poof. Pit fiend poofs

Dac'Angelo: I have dealt the final blow.

Winslow: We have rid the island of the foul creatures.

Scene 3

Neko: People are coming! They are actually coming to our city!

Winslow: Let us name the city Dac'Angelo, in honor of what a great man Dac'Angelo is!

Dorinna: And I will be his queen. Swoon.

Dac'Angelo: I am far to humble to name the city after myself. I name it Lone Rock City, for it is a lone rock against the waves of tyranny and injustice. I will be it's King.

Dorinna: You will be it's Lord King my love.

Farmer A: I'd like somewhere to put my pigs. And pay homage to Dac'Angelo's greatness.

Scene 4

Dac'Angelo: All of my Iron Men have gone their separate ways. Some, like my loving wife and Winslow have perished bravely. Neko has retired. I am alone.

Talen: But Lord King, you still have I who is like a son to you.

Dac'Angelo: Indeed you are dear Talen. I wish to have a gala in your honor and name you heir.

Scene 5

Dac'Angelo: What a marvelous gala for my new heir.

Talen: You are immortal in my heart.

Chain Devil: I have come to pay homage...with doom!

Talen: NO!

Chain Devil: I shoot a bolt of magical doom into your heart. You are dead.

Dac'Angelo: I am dead.

Talen: NO! I cast magic missle

Chain Devil: I die. Poof.

Noble: The King is dead!

Talen: I cry.