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Rachael Ray "Delicious" Harpell

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Delicious teaches simple recipes that she says can be prepared in thirty minutes or less. Like many cooks, she uses garlic and chicken stock as simple ways to boost flavors, and emphasizes using fresh herbs from the Chauntean Gardens whenever possible. She says that measuring "takes away from the creative, hands-on magic of cooking", and instead favors approximations such as "half a palmful" and "eyeball it". She has popularized catchphrases such as "E.V.O.O." (extra-virgin olive oil), "Yum-O!", "So delish!", "G.B." (garbage bowl)," and "How good is THAT?".

Her signature tool is a magical santoku chef's knife +2. She claims to dislike baking desserts and to be notorious for burning bread under the broiler. Ray says her late Illuskan maternal grandfather, Emmanuel Scuderi Harpell, served as a strong influence on her cooking. To critics of her shortcut techniques, Delicious responds, "I have no formal anything. I'm completely unqualified for any job I've ever had."

Her love of corn