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LRC:Duncan McBride

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Duncan McBride
TITLE: Leiutenant of the Iron Men Elite Force
RACE: Human
ROLE: Frontline
GROUPS: Iron Men
Formerly played by: Frank

A large black man in a kilt who speaks with a scottish accent. His little house in the Holg District is reinforced on the inside with block and is built like a fortress. He has just about every weapon available.

  • Assisted the PCs in finding Ruha's body.
  • Was assigned the task of finding who murdered Ruha.
    • With the primary suspect—Fyodor—being dead and disentegrated, the investigation has been closed.
  • Was one of the task force to take care of the mining accident.
  • Was in charge of security for the Prime Minister's Return Gala and wound up leading security forces to capture Jones. Was critically wounded, but clerics kept him alive.
  • Present for Ruha's Midsummer Fire Display
  • Was present at the burial of Dac'Angelo.
  • Robhim considers him a good ally.
  • Asked Wolfdale to be an example by mentoring a prisoner.