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LRC:Garrison of the Gale

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Along the road near the farming community south of the city of Lone Rock sits the newly constructed Hall, home of the Warriors of the Morning Breeze.


  • There will be a regimen of 10 Watch members at the building at all times, including one captain.
  • Nessa Táralóm, a follower of Angharradh (on-gahr-rath) the trigoddess of the Seldarine. She will serve the hall as a healer while on duty (Daylight hours).


  • Magical
    • Guards and Wards is tied to a rod that can activate it. It will only work once. Cast by Underburgh (CL15) and is wielded by the captain on duty.
    • Dimension Lock is cast on the top floor and made permanent by Underburgh (CL15)
    • Hallow has been cast throughout the keep by Lance Brightfist (CL10).
    • The vines surrounding the wood-and-earthen perimeter walls are enchanted to be Tanglewood. They entangle (as the spell, CL 5) anyone within 5' of the wall from the outside.

Living in the Hall

  • Asa
  • Dookette
  • Grim Greycastle
  • Ist'Vaech
  • Robhim Estis
  • Simon Bertrand
  • Sir Valans
  • Wolfdale
  • Wes Temple

Room Assignment

  • 3rd large (4): Robhim, Wolfdale, Ist'Vaech, Valans
  • 2nd
    • Large (4): Grim, Simon, Wes, Asa
    • Small (6): Dookette, Brennel, Cadaero, Sly, Captain 3, Nessa (when staying)
    • Bunks (22): 10 guards, Acolyte (Clr [Chauntea] 1), Clerk (Exp 1), Groom (Com 1), Butler (Exp 2), Cook (Com 1), Maid (Com 1), 6 empty
  • Basement
    • Prison (6): empty