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LRC:Geography (Locations of Note)

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This pages lists areas of interest on the island of Lone Rock.

Inside the City

Harpell Lane, aka Ground Zero (Magic District)



Scarletstone is a castle that is entirely made of pink stone, and it serves as the home for the Harpell family in Lone Rock City. Contains the Temple of Mystra. Services are overseen by the favored of the Mother of All Magic, Nyles Harpell.

Lone Rock Library

A library card is required to check out books. It is free to reference the books in the library.

Harpell School of Wizardry »

The Harpell School of Wizardry is run by the Harpell family, a family of spellcasters who are masters of the weave who sometimes have "mishaps". Lady Lori Harpell is the school's archmage, but is mostly absent from the grounds while researching a devastating new spell. This is a training academy for Lone Rock City spellcasters.

Inn District

Stout’s Inn »

The Warriors first home.

Butterhouse Tavern

Gilded Blade Inn

Very elegant and high-priced. Many wealthy merchants dine/stay here.

Pig and Whistle tavern

The Pig and Whistle tavern is a typical tavern, though it has a series of mounted pig heads along the top of the bar with each head "dressed up" as different types; one has an eye patch, another has a large nosering and scars, etc...

Average Residential District

Phil Flannaghan's home

Gerald Hofflepuff's home

Serves as the meeting place and holy ground for the Church of Misadventure and contains a temple to Brandobaris.

Janus (former) home

Extensive catacombs beneath it.

Ruha's home

Home to Ruha, seems to be magically warded. Also has an extradimensional space inside.

Holg District

The poor part of town.

Abandoned House, now burnt to the GROUND

  • The party met Fyodor here while searching for Ruha's body
  • Found Ruha's body here after doing Fyodor a favor
  • Vurbag and Tolman, evil clerics to Velsharoon, where ambushed here
  • Vurbag was captured here after he escaped from jail
  • Was burned down to the ground by the party.
  • Was where Asa assisted the party in crossing over to the Ethereal Plane.

Fort Duncan

While the home of Duncan McBride seems to only be a small run-down house, inside it is a stone-reinforced mini castle with enough weapons to start a war.

Hammonds Inn (also known as Hamstring's Inn)

Hammonds Inn is a very seedy establishment. Dine at your own risk.

The Lady Who Smiles Temple and Taproom

The Lady Who Smiles Temple and Taproom is a seedy establishment is officially a temple to Tymora, where everyone gets lucky.

Tal Dagore (Elf) District

This is the elven district and its name means "the city of battle". This neighborhood has more than it's share of trees, bushes, and flowers. Even the more modest homes feature flowering windowboxes. It has exotic trades from elven lands.

Ellison Park

An extensive park in Tal Dagore in Lone Rock City.

Temple to Corellon Larethian

Temple District

Temple to Azuth (Patron of Mages)

The Temple of Azuth is located in the temple district of Lone Rock City. The presiding Azuthan is Manasseh the Gifted, a talented older man in both the Art and the Power.

The Hand of Kelemvor (God of the Dead)

Temple to Kossuth (Lord of Flames)

Temple to Lathander (The Morninglord)

Civic District

Halls of the Even-Handed

The Temple of Tyr is integrated into the Halls of the Even-Handed. The temple to Tyr also serves as LRC’s court system, with a lot of Tyrrans serving as barristers.

  • The Watch can be joined here
  • Oath of Citizenship is given here

Waukeen's Exchange (merchant district)

Ovenate’s Enchantments

A magic item shop where the items are lavishly produced by a man named Ovenate who has cat eyes. (Can purchase lavish magic items at +10% cost.)


Run by two dwarves who make weapons and armor, both ordinary and magical. (Can purchase nonexotic weapons and armor in regular, masterwork, and magical.)

The Sharp Edge

A shop that focuses on upscale clothing and matching light weapons. Run by Hans Aliza, a human male in his 20s with blonde streaks in his brown hair and wears a scarf. (Purchase clothing and Masterwork light weapons)

Merchant's Trust Savings and Loan

A moneylending shop run by Uzbid Moria, a dwarven moneylender

Wayfarer's Union and Message Center »

A group of casters who specialize in transportation magic. Consider it medieval UPS. In addition to transportation services they also run messages throughout the city. (The couriers who have delivered most of the messages to the group came from here.)

Velvet Veil

A comfy taproom and fest hall, with one of the larger stages in Lone Rock City. Has couches and soft chairs and is one of the more popular locations for merchants after a hard day's work.

The Tanned Hide

The Tanned Hide is a leather shop run by Lauren Whistlemoon.

Pastoral Gardens (park district)

The Pastoral Gardens are a holy garden for a secular group of Chauntean faithfull, who maintain the LRC court garden which is one of the largest and most extravagant gardens in Faerún.

  • Jar Jar is one of the common caretakers in the garden

Temple to Chauntea

Seluné's Blessed Stone

The Chauntean druids of the gardens have a sacred stone placed in the garden and it is used as the center of the druidic circle. This stone was a gift from Lord King Dac'Angelo who told them that it came from Seluné on the night of a full moon.

Noble Estates District

The wealthy, highborn residents of the city live in splendor in the manors of this district. This district is quieter and cleaner than the rest of the city and is lit throughout the night by Everburning Torches. Servants scurry about on their errands, and nobles travel by carriage to call on their genteel counterparts.

Ren Tidebringers Estate

Lord's Keep and Embassy District

fortress sits in the middle of this district, flying the colors of the city and guards eye the street from their watchtowers above. Soldiers drill in the courtyard beyond the open gate. There are also houses various embassies, diplomatic residences, upscale lodging and dining. Fancy buildings in wildly clashing architectural styles dominate the street, each trying to outdo each other. Most building bear a coat of arms and/or flag identifying the nations they represent.

Guild District

  • Bakers Guild
  • Coopers Guild
  • Contract Work Union
  • Council of Farmer-grocers
  • Council of Musicians and Performers
  • Fellowship of Bowers and Fletchers
  • Fellowship of Coachmen
  • Fishmonger's Fellowship (Seatown)
  • Guild of Apothecaries and Physicians
  • Guild of Butchers
  • Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters
  • Guild of Fine Carvers
  • Guild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters and Tilemakers
  • Jeweler's Guild
  • Launderer's Guild
  • League of Basketmakers and Wickerworkers
  • League of Skinners and Tanners
  • Master Mariner's Guild
  • Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths and Metalforgers
  • Order of Master Tailors, Glovers, and Mercers
  • Saddlers' and Harness-makers Guild
  • Scribes and Clerks Guild
  • Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers and Woolmen
  • Splendid Order of Recognized Furriers and Woolmen
  • Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths, and Finesmen
  • Stablemasters Guild
  • Vintners, Distillers, and Brewers Guild

Contract Work Union was established by Robhim.

Outside the City

Dark Wood

  • Home to Netsuo Nishi and the Dark Dogs, as well as other mysterious and dangerous things.
  • Waterfall near where Asa was found.

Tolea' Fuin

This is the home of the elves who live in the Dark Wood. No one besides those who live there know it's location. It's name means "forest of gloom". It is the home of the Woodsmen.

Meadmaker Mines »

The Meadmaker Mines are run by the Meadmaker Clan and is the source of Lone Rock City's wealth of mithril and gemstones.

Garrison of the Gale »

Along the road near the farming community south of the city of Lone Rock sits the newly constructed Hall, home of the Warriors of the Morning Breeze.

Ancient Locations on the Island

Muir Hole

The term Muir Hole is slang for the area along the coast of the island where Muireachadh destroyed a pillar with the symbol of Mystra on it. In another cave nearby there is a secret area that houses a small library of magically encoded tomes.

Off the Island

Elena'Talant (Underwater Elven Community)

As your ship descents into the depth of the Sea of Fallen Stars the crew begins to uncover and place Everburning Torches around the ship to better illuminate the darkness of the water. Schools of fishes swim by the ship and in the distance you see lights in the darkness. Glowing coral along the bottom of the Sea softly illuminates and underwater city.

Several sea elves riding sea horses approach the ship. They hail your vessel and form an escort. The closer you get to the city, the larger the vanguard becomes. As you disembark the ship you are greeted by who appears to be an sea elven ambassador flanked by very powerful looking warriors.

Tangled Trees Village (Elven village near Myth Drannor)


After about a half day's travel through the dense forest you see ahead of you through the leaves homes that seem to be woven from the branches of trees themselves and sit high in the air. Other buildings are made into the slight hillside, connected to the homes in the air by a series of rope ladders. Your guide turns to everyone, "Welcome to Tangled Trees."