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LRC:Grim Greycastle

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Grim Greycastle
RACE: Human
ROLE: Divine Caster
GROUPS: Warriors of the Morning Breeze
Formerly played by: Bart

Grim is a studious and stern priest of Kelemvor, god of the dead.

  • Grim was added to the roster of the Warriors of the Morning Breeze to aid the party in fighting Janus.
  • Was told by the Elin of Nomin to "have a blind man count the pages".
  • Utterly destroyed the vampire servant of Janus with a single touch.
  • Present for the raising of Robhim.
  • Came out to investigate the Muir Hole explosion.
    • Stayed with the Warriors to defend the Muir Hole.
  • Fought as a member of the Warriors against the allies summoned to protect King Talen.