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The Iron Men were founded over two score years ago by Captain David Dac'Angelo, who lead them on a mission to the island of Lone Rock to clear out the inhabitants and begin building a new nation. The Iron Men are the core of the Lone Rock City military and almost all are former adventurers. Most of their missions are done in secrecy and for the greater good of the realms. They are currently lead by Duncan McBride.


  • Must have taken the Oath of Citizenship
  • Must have served in the Watch a minimum of 6 months (can be waived by official decree)
  • Willing to go on assignment when needed
  • Not convicted of a major crime in LRC, or affiliate cities
  • Nonevil alignment


  • Magic items permits are only 5% of item value (instead of 10%)
  • Quicker access to divine and arcane spellcasting
  • Arcane and divine casting costs reduced by 25% (NOT material components)
  • Paid traveling expenses, permitted to keep loot while on missions
  • Access to restricted magic items
  • Access to classified information

Original Iron Men