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Rings of Power

Ring of Time
Symbol: Hourglass
Formerly in Netsuo Nishi's possession.
Ring of the Waves
Symbol: An ocean's wave
Formerly in the possession of Dookette.
Ring of Chaos
Symbol: Swirling color in a circle
Formerly Lori Harpell's. A part of the ring's power may have been invested into Delirium and Meriae Harpell while Lori was carrying them to term.
Ring of the Mind
Symbol: Silhouette of a humanoid head
Ring of Fire and Earth
Symbol: Volcano
Ring of the Elves
Symbol: Maple leaf
Formerly in the possession of Harlann McInnis
Ring of Kelemvor
Symbol: Skull
Formerly in the possession of Edvard Brightfist, the Hand of Kelemvor
Ring of the Planes
Symbol: Cosmology map
Formerly in the possession of Talen
Ring of Reversal
Symbol: Yin/Yang
In the possession of Jones Henrysson who will not release it.
Unknown Ring
Symbol: Unknown
Levistus used this ring to draw out Talen's spellcasting ability.

Boxes of Orden

Box of Arcanis
The Box of Arcanis is a 5x5x5 silver box that glows softly of it's own illumination.
Box of the Mind
The Box of the Mind is a 5x5x5 box made of green crystal. Those who touch it hear whispers of what those around them are thinking, but not saying.
Box of Nature
The Box of Nature is a 5x5x5 wooden box that has a gold inlay pattern of leaves and trees. As the season changes, so does the pattern on the box. Elvish runes write complicated magical algorithms to an unknown end.
Box of the Void
The Box of the Void is a small 5x5x5 box that is made of a material that absorbs light. Any runes or markings that may have previously been carved into the box have the been removed, the sides are super smooth, nearly frictionless.


Adamantine Spider Brooches (2)
This small spider brooch allows teleportation on the island in locations where an ancient warding prevents teleportation.
One was found on the skeleton of an elven wizard in the tunnel above the Rabbit Hole.
Another was found in embedded in the ceiling of the Muir cave, before it became the Muir Hole.
Box of the Void Creation Instructions
These are instructions for the creation of the artifact, the Box of the Void. They were found in a cryptex in the Rabbit Hole. The pass phrase for the cryptex was "Mondar". It is mostly written in an old form of elvish and a strange script that cannot be deciphered.
Rabbit Hole Summoning Circle
This may contain an unknown evil. More detail can be found here.
Thinuan Rods
Found in the secret basement of a distant farmstead, these thinuan rods were found wrapped in silk with a scrollcase. The scroll reads, "Singed and burned, you have not turned away from opening this chest. In the garden go and seek the one who's meek, and ask if he is blessed. Ask to see the gift that he was to wear upon his head. Once it's worn, ask 'bout the field of corn, and the night the moon was red."
Thinuan Dagger
This dagger is forged of Thinuan, a material that captures the soul of the most recently slain foe within it.
Was used by someone to kill Ruha.
Was used by Jones to kill Tio Meadmaker.
Was sold by Robhim to Orcslayers, a weapons and armor shop in the Waukeen District. Told Orcslayers to sell it off the island.
Was sold by Orcslayers to Meriae Harpell, an avid collector (and user) of daggers.