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RACE: Human
ROLE: Priest of Velsharoon
Formerly played by: Bert

A forty-something man with a hawkish nose that was broken some time in his past and never set properly. Deep circles sit under his dark eyes that seem to pierce your soul, like a hawk peering at it's prey. He is an admitted cleric of Velsharoon, the god of necromancy. He used to work for Johnathan Nightbringer creating undead until Nightbringer killed his wife and child. Now he has joined with the forces of good to destroy Nightbringer.

For his role in the capture of Nightbringer, he has been granted amnesty by the Lord King of Lone Rock City. Whether this amnesty will continue under the new Lord King, when one is declared, remains to be seen.

  • He has fought alongside the PCs against a vrock and some dretches
  • Informed the PCs that Nightbringer will bring about the final war between good and evil and wants the PCs help in stopping that war
  • Gave Lukas a rose to help him get information from the seedier element in Lone Rock City
  • Cast commune to help locate the soul of Ruha
  • His home was raided by the Watch/Iron Men.
  • Was described by Dmitrii to be the "sorceror" who cast Geas on him to kill Lukas.
  • Was slain by the Warriors of the Morning Breeze...
  • His spirit hid itself in Wolfdale's body but was discovered and driven out.